You Can’t Beat It

You Can’t Beat It

January 25, 1966

Written by Charles Collett

Submitted by: Robert Kingrey

If someone would want to know where to get the best onion rings with hamburger in town, I would have to toss heads or tails between Bob Evans, Boggs” Coffee Shop, the Patio, Anderson’s, Don Keys, Ye Old Eatin’ Place, Dave’s, Stones or the Deluxe, but for service we have to recommend Frisch’s Big Boy. While we ate a fish platter Friday evening, Proprietor Andy Kizzee said to Mrs.’ “C” and I, “when you are ready to go my new Chrysler and chauffeur will be waiting to drive you home, if you are walking”.

The atmosphere was just right to be a celebrity and as Jackie Gleason would say, “Away we go”. Looking on was the chairman of the city council, Hon. Eugene Mooney; the celebrated musketeer Bill Large of Deering and the president of Harmon Motor Sales, the genial Chris Harmon, as well as others. Senator Dirkson and Hubert Humphreycall ‘em “press conference” but maybe Andy at the Big Boy has another name for it.

Attorney Hal Spears and his attractive wife Wanda were among the young merry makers coating on the flood levee at Moulton Field Sunday afternoon. The popular field at Eighth and Lawrence Streets, the scene of many a circus show and other attractions, has been a sport arena since “Duck” Moulton was mayor of the city back in 1901. The flood levee in many parts of town was a toboggan slides for many a junior.

The slickest place in town Sunday were the D.T & I rails from Second to Eighth Street. The diesel locomotive with a long train of Ironton coke leaving town for Jackson had to be broken into three parts on Railroad Street blocking the street crossings while scores of on-lookers watched for half an hour.

Col. George R. Spears reports many transient birds as he puts out daily food in the back yard for neighbor-hood feathered friends. I want to give credit for feeding the birds where credit is due, and I think it is “Ladybird” Spears who does the work, and sets a fine example for the entire city.