Tuesday Morning Thoughts, The Passing, and Time Running Out

Tuesday Morning Thoughts, The Passing & Time Running

March 8, 1966

Written by Charles Collett

Submitted by: Robert Kingrey

Ironton friends of former Gov. Michael Disalle observed his name twice last week. It was on card attached to a large floral piece at the funeral home for his friend Andy Kizzeeand two days later in the press were news dispatches that the ex-governor had been stricken and rushed to a Columbus Hospital.

The Passing

The passing of Steve Klein, a business friend and friend we knew since 1906, can’t escape mention in this column. Many changes have taken place on Center Street since the Klein Soda Shop was the “Date Store” for young lovers and lights-out seldom happened before midnight. Steve made the best chocolate soda, with a dash of whipped cream on top of the glass, sold for a nickel and curb service on the sidewalk was deluxe service.

It was there he met Frances Mulligan when she was a student at Davidson Business College on the third floor of the same building. Frances with whom he celebrated a golden wedding anniversary died a couple of months ago. Steve was at the soda shop seven days and six nights a week. He once told us that he’d make a good news reporter because he knew everybody including the young businessmen who were buying engagement rings on the installment plan. He overheard many a lover’s spat and knew who was trying to cut in on the other fellow’s date. Steve was clever and had a wit all his own style and could strike up conversation with everyone.

Time Running Out

Shorty” Davies, whose fame started in 1918 carrying the pigskin at Ohio State University and later helped make the Ironton Tanks famous, is now calling signals as captain of the senior citizens Medicare team. His job is to score every citizen over 65 before the end of this month, so they won’t be left out for free hospital and doctor service after the whistle blows July first.