Special Delivery and Mr. Big Boy

Special Delivery and Mr. Big Boy

March 2, 1966

Written by Charles Collett

Submitted by: Robert Kingrey

Postman Bill Bowman, who drives a jeep on a mounted route via Coal Grove and Hecla, phoned the post office yesterday morning and told clerk Billy Joe Holtzapfel to call the fire department because his car was on fire in front of the Ironton High School. The firemen got the message. Mr. Bowman’s late father will be remembered as one of the very accommodating clerks at the post office.

Mr. Big Boy

The sudden death of everybody’s friend, Andy Kizzee, takes from the community a grand fellow who will be missed in many ways by many friends. His motto was, “If it is good for Ironton, I’m for it”. Andy was the kind of fellow we could write a story about everyday and it would be different. He always took time out for a friend.

No matter how crowded his restaurant, he could draw up a chair at the table or sit on a stool at the counter to chat a bit when he saw a friend.

If he had an ache, pain or a worry no one ever knew it. He was always happy and cheerful, we knew Andy 30 years and he was always the same, happy and accommodating good fellow. Only a short time ago, in a kidding way he said, “Do I have to die to get my picture in the Tri-State’s leading newspaper?” It appeared there yesterday.