Open House Memories

Open House Memories

February 5, 1966

Written by Charles Collett

Submitted by: Robert Kingrey

West Ironton teachers, proud of the new addition and interior improvements at the building, which completes the two million dollar improvements of the city schools, held open house last night for parents. Everybody was happy as refreshments were served and seemed pleased with the changes. The original West Ironton building, erected in 1852, was designed like an “X” so all classrooms had windows on two sides for better daylight.

The first principal, more than a hundred years ago, is still remembered by many senior citizens in that part of the city. She was Miss Lizzie A. Brammer. Two other teaches were the Price sisters, Hattie and Mattie. West Ironton building became a flood relief station annually for 60 years before the flood levee was built in 1938. Everybody on the riverside of old Storms Creek is happy about that fine school, and the many teachers there now.