Goodbye, Jean

Goodbye Jean

February 23, 1966

Written by Charles Collett

Submitted by: Robert Kingrey

The death of a devoted lady, who attended Ironton High School more than 60 years ago, Miss Jean Vose of Catlettsburg, cannot escape this column without a pause. Her late brother Russell Vose, named for one-time prominent Irontonian Hugh Russell, was my school pal years ago. The family of Dan Vose, who was a salesman at the Snyder and Belcher Hardware Store now the state employment office, lived on the corner at Fifth and Washington streets, now the Roosevelt apartment building. Miss Jean was a very refined lady.

The family moved to Catlettsburg about 1906. Her name has been on our Christmas greeting list many years.

We both were two-week guests at the summer home of Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Gilfillan and their son the late Capt. Dean on Talcott Island in Greenbriar River near White Sulfur Springs, W. Va., two seasons when William Howard Taft was president.