Do You Remember

Do You Remember

Herald Dispatch, January 11, 1966

Written by: Charles Collett

Submitted by: Robert Kingrey

Do You Remember: When the emblems of the two parties on the printed election ballots were an eagle and a rooster?

I enjoyed chatting with State Representative Carlton Davidson who was in town Sunday shaking hands. Carlton, who was a farmer at heart as well as a school teacher, and his sisters, Misses Chole and Maridel, teachers emeritus, are now living in their newly erected attractive home on State Route 141, which is on the outskirts of town, and therefore we can say the representative comes to town.

Carlton remembers when the site of their new home was known as Boneyard Hollow, when the boys drove cows to pasture when George Spears was a boy 65 years ago. During the 1937 flood it became known as the “Escape Route”, to get out of town via Hecla, and was later called the Ox ” Road”. Since the mail route was established, it is known as Campbell Drive. While the representative was living on Scott Avenue, he claimed to have the largest poultry backyard in town, but says his new neighbor have roosters that awaken him at his usual getting up in time.