Cub & Coke

Cub & Choke

February 19, 1966

Written by Charles Collett

Submitted by: Robert Kingrey

I paid my annual visit at the city income tax office yesterday, and as I said, I paid. The ladies in charge were happy to see me; in fact they said they were waiting for me. They had found among many other things two art calendars of 1906, which they were saving, for a story in this column. They were indeed art pictures of Gibson girls of 60 years ago displaying their knees, compliments of C.F. Colvin, agent for “Ebert’s Union Beer”, brewed in Ironton. As I remember, Mr. Colvin was a member of the city council from West Ironton in 1902. E.S. Culbertson was president of council that year when the first full time fire department was established at Third and Walnut Streets. The two galloping iron gray horses were named “Cub” for Mr. Culbertson and “Choke” which was the nickname of Mr. Colvin. When the calendars were found, the girls said we will save them for “you know who”.

The new tax room is to be a room of modern beauty in keeping with the two charming ladies now in charge Barbara Stanley and Elizabeth Wilson. Barbara has been at her desk there since the tax office first opened in 1957. The ladies are cheerful and try to make it as cheerful as possible for the taxpayers. One sign on the wall reads “Keep Smiling”. Another on the cash register suggests “Pay Taxes With A Smile”. I hope Barb and Liz save another story for Soliloquy next year at taxpaying time or sooner, with a smile. Meanwhile, the new office on the second floor at Memorial Hall is just across the hall from the present office. It will be ready with a new lower ceiling and air conditioning and furnishing more comfortable than the doctor’s waiting room within the next couple of weeks.