A Day Remembered

A Day Remembered

February 28, 1966

Written by Charles Collett

Submitted by: Robert Kingrey

Forty-five years ago tonight a dinner was held at the Hotel Marting at which time it was announced $778,000 in stock had been subscribed to build the Ironton-Russell Bridge. Who in addition to Gene Adams can say that they were there that night when the cheering started. Judge and Faye Collier started Saturday for a visit to the 50th state. Both will be in demand upon their return for programs at the clubs as it’s hard to find two more gifted speakers. Bill Goldcamp of Portsmouth likes to take coffee breaks in Ironton. He listens to Mrs. Olson on TV and knows about good coffee but likes what Ed Payne and Clyde Whitman serves at the Elks Club.

Bill was born next door on Park Avenue to the Elks and he was always welcome in the reading room when he was just old enough to look at comics. Bill was in Saturday to give us opportunity to make this note.

Ann Edmundson phones inviting us to look at the purple crocus in bloom in her yard. Thanks Ann, I’m afraid my friends Esther Speara and Stella Sites will demand equal space about their February blooms.