Mason Township

Mason Township

Ironton Register, Thursday, March 26, 1865

  • I want you to state in your paper if a man is a loyal republican when he votes for a democratic candidate? Will the party put a man in office, who votes against the party, to elect Tom Jones? Another thing, give the man a chance who fought for his country. If a man does a good thing recognize him. Don’t forget the man who saved the nation from rebel hands. That’s my ticket.

  • As to the correspondents of the Irontonian. We don’t think the republicans of Mason township have got low enough to stick a deck of cards in a religious gentleman’s pocket and then have it published in the little dirty truth (do not have end of this)

Ironton Register, THURSDAY, MARCH 25, 1885?

  • Health of this vicinity generally good.

  • The second quarterly meeting at Locust Grove was the best one held for many years.

  • Bro. Asa Rucker of Lawrence Chapel was licensed to preach at the second quarterly conference at Locust Grove.

  • The protracted meeting closed at Lawrence Chapel with 38 accessions to the church and 32 conversions. The protracted meeting is in progress at Scott Town. This will be the last one on Marion Circuit.

  • Prayer meeting at Locust Grove every Thursday night.

  • The school at Ebeneezer is progressing very nicely. J. W. O’Neil is a good teacher. J. P. Lawrence will close a six months school next Tuesday.

  • Sunday School was organized at the Grove last Sunday. The following officers were elected. G. W. O’Neil, Supt.; James Earles, Asst.; Elmer Ellsworth, Sec.; Henry Markin, Librarian, and Miss Hannah Smith, Treasurer.