Greasy Ridge

Greasy Ridge

Ironton Register, THURSDAY, JULY 23, 1885

  • This is an interesting portion of Lawrence county. The ridge is not high, being only about 300 feet above the general level of the valleys. It is well watered and has a very healthy climate. All the land was originally very rich, and the farms that have been judiciously managed are yet very fertile.

  • The Rucker boys, John and Robert, have a fine farm. These gentlemen are perhaps the leading stock men of our county. Their cattle are of the large varieties and are fine in appearance. Their land is well adapted to blue grass, which affords the best pasture, and they have lots of it. They are building a race course for the purpose of having some young horses they have trained at home. The track encircles a knob from the top of which almost the entire course can be seen at once. It will be a pretty place for racing.

  • Wake Brumfield was cutting down his meadow. We decided that there was not much real fun in mowing with a machine where we found Wake, as the ground was too steep to ride, the driver having to walk behind the mower.

  • Robert Massie (school teacher Bob), has built him a fine house recently. He is now prepared to live in comfort. His dwelling is the finest we saw on the ridge.

Ironton Register, NOV. 10, 1892

  • The teachers of Marion township are making vigorous and persistent efforts to advance the cause of the teacher’s profession in this neighborhood.

  • The state of Egyptian civilization has faded away. The glory of Rome as she stood on her seven hills has departed. The aged ruler of the house of Hanover still reigns supreme, but we, loyal citizens of the United States, live in the great “Present,” breathe the free air of a noble republic and have a system of education unrivaled in the world’s history.

  • The Greasy Ridge Teachers‟ Association will meet at Tagg’s school house, Friday evening, Nov. 4 at 7 o’clock.

  • It is the purpose of the teachers to better acquaint themselves with the general history of our great nation, with the science which treats of equilibrium and motion and with the laws of effective discourse and to acquire an expertness in the art of making appropriate applications of the same.

  • On last Saturday at 7 p.m. a large number of citizens and teachers assembled at the Russell school house. A township institute was organized to meet at the Roach school house, Saturday Nov. 12 at 1 o’clock. Let all attend and hear the following program:

  • Welcome address ….. Allen Harvey. Response….. J. B. Massie….. Needs of a township institute…. C. W. Shafer…Classification of the school….Geo. O‟Neill…Discussion… Frank Ball…What should be the qualifications of the teacher …J. J. Saunders…Discussion …Oliver O‟Neill.