Rockwood News – 1880


Submitted by Barbara Madden

IRONTON REGISTER Thursday January 17, 1880

Correspondence of the Register

The coming season promises to be lively for those who want political recognition, some are already on the warpath for Sheriff. Speaking of Sheriff, would not this be a good time for the Republican party to pay a long neglected debt to a certain individual of the county, by again placing his name before the people as the choice of the convention for Sheriff?

The Rockwood P.M. begins to read the signs of the time when a republican will handle the key that unlocks the mailbag. Well, Tom, you know that to the victor belongs the spoils.

The insurance adjuster paid Simon HAWKINS $225 for the lost of his dwelling on the 10th last.

A.P. KERR came near losing his house by a chair of clothes catching fire.

The Big Branch Literary Society is flourishing, and would like to tackle the South Point Society, if they will leave Ben DAVIDSON out.

Wash PIKE who was shot by his brother last September still lives although he was shot through the bowels, and Drs. BURNS and WILLIAMS sewed them up, and to all appearances they healed up all right, but there has formed an abscess near where the ball lodged which has never been extracted.

Capt. John BOWEN has returned from the Hot Springs, Arkansas and speaks well of the medical benefits of the water. While there he witnessed the partial destruction of the town by the breaking of a water spout. His description of the heart rending affair is thrilling. Mr. B. proposes returning soon and perhaps will move to Arkansas.