Macedonia Church

Ironton Register, August 20, 1868
Macedonia is an African settlement two miles back of Burlington. It was the scene of great activity during all last week. A colored Baptist Association met there. A score of African divines from far and near were present. On Macedonia hill, the pulpit was erected and here, day after day, they poured forth their simple and rough eloquence to large crowds. Some of them were accomplished ministers, and could fill with satisfaction and profit more pretentious pulpits. – Others, however, but recently from the chains of slavery spoke in uncouth phrases, but with power and vigor.

Last Sunday, between one and two thousand people were on the hill – half of whom were white. – They created an immense stir. A dozen booths with their counters spread with ginger cakes and candies, cheese and bologna, lemonade and soda water occupied the most prominent places on the hill, and around these the sable damsels with their extremely polite escorts were swaying constantly. A great number of old “aunties,” with bandanas encircling their royal brows, were on hand, with many a soothing word for every one they met. Perfect equality seemed to crown the entire multitude. White and black, side by side, sipped their lemonade or set under the droppings of the sanctuary.

The Association closed its work Sunday afternoon. The farewell demonstrations were enthusiastic. – A general hand shaking went on around the pulpit, while the women kissed and rekissed each other. It was a gala day for Macedonia.

Ironton Register, Nov. 21, 1889

MACEDONIA. – The colored people dedicated their new church at Macedonia on the 10th, and what was good about it was, every cent of debt was paid when it was dedicated. The church has a membership of over a hundred. It is an old society, having been organized in 1834, and is the mother of five other churches – at Pine Grove, Ironton, Huntington, Catlettsburg and Burlington. On the day of dedication, $103 were raised and the church starts out on its new lease of life square with the world.