Burlington News


  • Our third quarterly meeting passed off pleasantly but owing to high water between here and other points on the circuit the attendance was not so large as usual.
  • The township election resulted in a victory for the independent ticket with the exception of T. M. Bowman for clerk. One life long democrat, finding no names on his ticket, said he had walked four miles to vote the democratic ticket and would vote for the rooster anyway; and so he did.
  • W. G. Davidson, C. C. Campbell and Cecil Campbell took two rafts of logs to New Boston this week.
  • L. G. Shute and Tom Bailey secured positions on a steamer Monday.
  • Phil Bailey of Coal Grove will move to our place soon.
  • C. M. Remy is gardening for Rush Williamson this spring.
  • Mrs. Nancy Crawford is seriously ill at her home above here.
  • Many of our young people have received invitations to the commencement exercises at Proctorville.
  • E. S. McCall spent Sunday with friends here.
  • Miss Lou Drury is home from Columbus on a visit to her mother.
  • Dr. E. M. Wilson of Hanging Rock will spend the summer with his parents and will re-enter college this fall.
  • J. M. Faverty will move his family to Ceredo soon, where he is engaged in brickwork.
  • Geo. Croley is farming for Robt. Chatfield this spring.
  • Miss Jennie Chatfield of Delta spent Sunday in town.



  • Fred Crawford of Sybene is seriously ill of typhoid fever.
  • A number of our young people will attend the excercises at Getaway school Friday.
  • Dr. T. H. Remy was visiting his parents Monday.
  • The M. P. Church held quarterly meeting Sunday.
  • The young people will give an entertainment on Saturday night, June 12. Two plays will be rendered by our best local talent, “Out in the Streets,” and “A visit to the Oil Regions.” Admission ten cents.


” Mr. And Mrs. G. M. Smithley of Ironton spent Saturday and Sunday with their daughter, Mrs. Will Davidson.
” Mrs. John Ankrim jr., continues critically ill.
” Harry and Charles McLaughlin left Friday on the Virginia for their work in Pennsylvania.
” Mrs. John Wilson has returned to Huntington after a few day’s visit here with friends.
” Little Paul Harble is quite sick.
” Mr. W. L. Elkins spent Saturday and Sunday with home folks.
” Miss Mary Drury of Sybene is visiting her sister, Mrs. F. L. Moore.
” Miss Callie (?) Cooper is the guest of friends here.
” Revival services at the Methodist Episcopal church closed Wednesday.


  • The funeral of Mr. S. F. V. Davidson, whose death occured at 6 o’clock Monday morning, was held at the M. E. Church Thursday afternoon. The services were conducted by Rev. W. E. Shafer. Interment in Burlington cemetery.
  • Mrs. Davidson, wife of the deceased arrived Wednesday from Denver, Colo., to attend the funeral.
  • Dr. T. H. Remy and C. M. Remy of Ironton were here to attend the funeral of Mr. Davidson.
  • Mr. T. Miller, who has been very ill, is much improved.
  • Rev. W. E. Shafer is holding a revival at the M. E. Church. The meetings are very interesting and well attended.
  • The Ladies Aid Society was pleasantly entertained at the home of Mrs. Eph Hamlin, Thursday afternoon, Jan. 11th. The Devotional exercises were conducted by the president Mrs. Cassatt, after a short business meeting a social hour was spent. The hostess assisted by her siser, Miss Sylva Null, and sister-in-law, Mrs. D. O. Null, served refreshments of delicious icecream and cake to the following members: Mrs. Charles Beard, Mrs. Carl Crawford, Mrs. John Bailey, Mrs. E. B. Cassatt, Mrs. Will Spurlock, Mrs. Jno Ashworth, Misses Gertrude Ankrim and Addie Drury. Visitors, Mrs. M. D. Davidson and W. P. Hostottle.


Correspondent to the Register.

  • Our little village is not on the boom but is steadily growing. We now have six stores. W. G. Davidson has started a new grocery on Washington ave., and we hope will prosper, as he is one of our most energetic young men.
  • The M. E. Church is being repaired, and the parsonage moved to corner of Washington and Franklin.
  • Rev. C. F. Scott has closed his meeting at Mountain Chapel. Rev. Crossley is holding a meeting at Delta.
  • Talk about the county seat being moved to South Point! Might as well talk of its being moved back to Burlington, It’s old home.
  • Mrs. Rose Betz and daughters May and Garnet, of Gallipolis are the guests of Mrs. M. D. Davidson.
  • H. F. Davidson, of Ironton, is visiting Mrs. John G. Wilson.
  • Mrs. J. C. Carter is visiting her sister at Ford, Kentucky.
  • A crowd of young folks attended meeting at Delta Sunday night.
  • E. M. Wilson, who is teaching at Athalia, spent Sunday at home.
  • Quite a number of the workmen from the powder works are boarding on this side of the river.
  • We hear there is to be a dance on Madison avenue soon.
  • M. D. Davidson has a barge of coal from Hartford City at the wharf.
  • Mr. Silas Elkins of Kentucky, was calling on friends here Sunday.
  • Mrs. Tillie Stewart, who has been visiting in Ironton, has returned home.
  • Mrs. Rose Dillon Bailey is the guest of Squire Dillon.
  • It’s funny to see Hall Skelton tip-toe through the mud.
  • Boys, the next time you go to Macedonia start earlier.
  • The white saps visited our place not long since and left their usual bunch of switches.
  • J___ Faverty, of Huntington, W. Va., is visiting his mother. He is now traveling agent for the Singer Sewing Machine Co.

  • The Ohio River is frozen over here and the skaters are enjoying themselves night and day.
  • Born, Jan. 2, 1879, a daughter, to Mr. and Mrs. J. F. McClure.
  • Died, Jan. 4, Mrs. Runner, aged 89 years.
  • There are five school teachers going to school here now, Mr. A. W. Hurt being among the number.
  • Everybody is sleighing.



  • There is quite a good deal of sickness in this vicinity. J. G. Wilson has an attack of La Grippe. Ed Owens, and Paul Hussey are quite sick.
  • Charlie Ankrim spends part of every week at Ashland.
  • Will Mace, of the Str. (steamer) Buckeye Boy who as been confined to the house for some weeks with a lame foot is able to be about.
  • Miss Millie Soupene was home Sunday. Miss Kate Stern returned home yesterday, after a pleasant visit with friends in Newport, Ky.
  • Mrs. F. L. Owen and Mrs. J. Bailey were in Catlettsburg last week. Mr. Hodges and Miss Mattie Kates spent Sunday in Ironton.
  • Ask Henry Bird how he likes the measles.
  • Miss Anna Ankrim and the Miss Davis of Solida, were seen on our streets last week.
  • Misses Ehyl Williams and Amanda Hurt attended the examination Friday and Saturday.
  • E. M. Wilson is now at home.


  • Everybody is rejoicing on account of the fine weather, and all are glad to hear that we are at last to have some good roads.
  • W. D. Davidson has another barge of coal at the landing.
  • John W. Dillon, of Cattletsburg, was in town a few days ago.
  • Among those who were here Sunday we noticed Mr. and Mrs. Brubaker, of Sheridan, Mr. Lothrop, Miss Magie Smith, and Ed Smith of Ironton; Dr. Shattuck of Coal Grove; W. B. Wilson and Jas. Faverty of Huntington.
  • Mrs. A. Soupene, and Mrs. Dr. Shattuck and son spent last week with Mrs. J. C. Carter.
  • Lou Shute is now on the Str. Telegraph.
  • J. D. Davidson is at home.
  • Mr. and Mrs. N. B. Watts are visiting Col. And Mrs. Watts.
  • Mrs. Capt. Carl Mace is spending a few days in Catlettsburg.
  • Harry McLaughlin left Sunday on the Scotia to spend a few weeks with his father in Cincinnati.
  • Mrs. Clate Crawford, and Miss Kate Meers were in town last week.
  • Those on the sick list are Mrs. Hunley, Miss Effie Dillon, and Miss Ella Mansfield.
  • Mrs. Burdette and Mrs. S. B. Jones, of Ironton came up Friday to attend the funeral of little Paul Hussey who died Thursday evening. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. C. F. Scott, Saturday at 10 a.m. The community sympathize with Mr. and Mrs. Hussey in their great loss, as he was their only son. Paul was but six months old.
  • Mrs. J. G. Wilson has been in Ironton, the guest of her daughter, Mrs. R. B. Miller.
  • F. L. Owen of the Buckeye Boy was called home last week on account of the sickness of his son Ed.
  • Dr. Sturgill of Ceredo was in town a few days ago.
  • L. P. Walters has started a bakery on Front Street.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Durea were the guests of Mrs. A. Bailey, Sunday.
  • A small child of Wm. Duncan’s died Friday morning, and was buried Saturday.
  • Our cemetery is being improved. The trustees are going to make new walks, and have ordered trees.
  • J. T. Watts, Lum Shepherd, and Mr. Preddy are working on Dr. Williams’ house.
  • Miss Mattie Kates left for home today.
  • Lawson Drury was re-elected as member of the School Board.

  • The heat is intense, and the cry is for more rain.
  • Miss Mason, who has been the guest of Miss Susie Hussey, returned home Friday.
  • Rev. C. F. Scott preached a splendid sermon at the M. P. Church Sunday morning.
  • Mrs. McGonigle, daughter and niece are visiting Mrs. M. D. L. Faverty.
  • Miss Charline Davidson and brother Clyde, who have been visiting relatives at Arabia and Marion, returned home Monday.
  • Mrs. Neve Davidson and children, of Ironton are at John S. Faverty’s.
  • The ladies of the Methodist Protestant Church will give a social at the residence of Mrs. John Dillon, Saturday evening, August. 15th.
  • We have a very flourishing baseball club now.
  • Capt. Carl Mace is now at home.
  • Miss Helen Dillon, of Catlettsburg, is the guest of friends here.
  • H. T. Davidson is once more among us.
  • Mrs. Mary Moore, of Manhattan was here Saturday.



  • Quite a number of our young men have positions at the powder mill, they seem well pleased with their work and have no fears of being blown up. Among them are Frank Campbell, Fred McClure and Jerry Dillon.
  • Rev. Scott delivered quite an interesting sermon Sunday morning.
  • A very pleasant affair will occur next Saturday night, August 15th, called an ice cream social, to be given at the residence of John Dillon. We are expecting a nice time and a big crowd, see that you are one of the throng.
  • Jerry Davidson with his sons, Ed, Fred and Hugh, were among friends here Sunday.
  • Among our visitors are Mrs. Maria Sperry, Miss May Mansfield, Minnie Swartz and Mr. And Mrs. Drurea.
  • No sickness among us at this writing, which we are glad to note. DORIS.