Directory of Old Burlington Court IR Jan. 15, 1903

Record of Contract Awarded for the Burlington “Jail House.”
No. 4.

Part of the Walton Stories, a series of short stories

Ironton Register, December 4, 1902.

Submitted by: Sharon M. Kouns

The second session of the first board of commissioners of Lawrence county was begun on June 2, 1817, at Burlington, and the minutes of the session are as follows:

“Board met pursuant to adjournment last April session. Present Joel Bowen, David Spurlock, Josiah Davidson, Commissioners. Ordered that the first business to be acted upon is to precede to make sale of the jail house of the town of Burlington to be sold to the lowest bidder and the clerk of said board to make sale of the same at two o’clock in the afternoon on the said day. Preceded to make sale of the log part of the jail house and made sale of the same to John Morrison, the legal purchaser to build the log part of the said jail agreeable to contract for the sum of three hundred and thirty four dollars. Further preceded to make sale of the frame part of jail house, and made sale of same to William Templeton, who is legal purchaser, for three hundred and thirty eight dollars.

“Ordered that Thos. Kerr be reappointed clerk for this board of commissioners for one year from this date, and that he shall receive eighty dollars payable quarterly, further ordered that Thomas Kerr be reappointed treasurer of Lawrence county for one year from this date, and that he shall be allowed four per centum for the money received by him till this date. Board then adjourned till nine o’clock tomorrow morning.”

The journal record of the second day’s session follows:

“Tuesday, June 3rd. Board pursuant adjournment. Ordered that John Kelly’s bond as road commissioner be put on record with two securities, Charles Kelly and Wm. G. Robinson securities, bound in the penal sum of one thousand dollars for the true performance as commissioner as above stated appointed by this state for to expend five hundred and twenty five dollars on the road from Burlington down to the lower line of Lawrence county. Bond bearing date June 2, 1817.

HIGHWAY. On a petition for a new road leading from Scioto county line at the county road; from thence to or near the house of John Strouper; thence to cross the creek; thence to or near the north line of Misses Howands quarter section; from thence state road running from Portsmouth to Gallia county and that the same be established; ordered that the said petition be granted and that Thomas Blythe, Andrew Wolf and David McFan be viewers and John Russell, surveyor, to meet at Edward Partlow’s on the twentieth of this inst. And make report at next meeting of this board in July. Ordered that David Rally’s bond for a new road be recorded; bond for seventy five dollars payable to the county treasurer for the cost of said road if the same should not be established at the expense of the county. Wilson Lynd, security. Further, that David Rally’s bond for road commissioner for expending one hundred dollars on a new road to be laid in the back part of the Lawrence county. Bond for the penalty of two hundred dollars, payable to the commissioners of Lawrence county, with John Davidson, security; bond bearing date June 2, 1817. Ordered that Edward Simmons’ bond for coroner, bound in the penalty of two thousand dollars, payable to Commissioners of Lawrence county for the faithful performance to his said office, with Edward Billups and Gabriel Kerr as securities; bond bearing date of June 2, 1817. Board adjourned till nine o’clock tomorrow morning.”


(To be continued.)