Ironton Register Feb. 13, 1879

  • A protracted meeting under the supervision of Rev. Wm. Phillips, just closed at U. B. church – sixteen souls happily converted and thirty accessions to the church. May the Lord keep them in the faith, so they may be Summer Christians, as well as Winter and big meeting Christians. If ever the world needed the preaching of the Gospel, it is now. We have too many flowery sermons. If the preachers would look more after souls and less at the pocket book, they would do more good.

  • The Commissioners have almost blockaded the roads in this county by making them in the Fall and Winter instead of the Summer.

Ironton Register THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 1883

  • Brown, the buckeye leaves have turned. Blake, the paw-paws are ripe.

  • The time of cuttin‟ corn and makin‟ sorghum is at hand.

  • They have a Pedagogue Nine at Scott Town that know how to play “B. B.” All of them are school teachers excepting one. He could be, but farms, principally, for a livelihood.

  • The coal hunters are gathering it in from Guyan bar.

  • “Lots” of people are at the Re-Union from this place and vicinity.

  • Ensign has suspended some of his employees, for a short time, however, Tuesday was payday.

  • Several of our enterprising young men will go the lowlands of La., this fall.

  • Prof. Shirkey will commence his school here about the 1st of October.

  • Jno Warren and Jas. C. Smith are each recovering after a short illness.

  • Eagle Nine of Bradrick, can‟t play B. B. – but they can scream Eloquence through their bending beaks. Behold the “Wolf Creekers Scott Villains” as B. B. Clubs. COHOES.

Ironton Register THURSDAY, March 10, 1887
· Miss Alice Eaton’s school closed here, Friday. Why is it we had only 9 months school this Winter? We all like Miss Alice for a teacher. She taught us a good school. Where is Mr. Bradham, who taught writing school here last Winter? Would like for him to teach here this Spring.

  • W. G. Smith smiles in his new store. Some are dissatisfied with the change. All the people out back have to get out of their way to get their mail.

  • H. G. Suiter is some better. He is fully reconciled to the will of the Lord.

  • Wheat looks very well in this part of the county.

  • Farmers are complaining of so much wet weather and high water. Some want to sell their farms on Indian Guyan Creek, and go where it doesn’t rain.

  • J. C. Whitley has not had his team across the creek for five weeks.

  • What has become of the Baptist preacher at Union church? He hasn’t been there for three months.

  • Health is good in this neighborhood.

  • No More.

Ironton Register THURSDAY, JANUARY 01, 1891

  • Health of the vicinity not very good. Scarlet fever is raging in this neighborhood.

  • James Goodall came up from Ashland to spend the holidays at home.

  • Miss Lona Suiter and sister Stella have been spending a few days with friends and relatives at Guyandotte.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Bidwell are spending the holidays with relatives in Kentucky.

  • Misses Mary and Dora Thomas, of Proctorville, spent Xmas with their sister, Mrs. Mathews, at this place.

  • Misses Hattie Suiter, Minnie Goodall and Lona Suiter spent Xmas day making calls from 10 a.m., til 6 p.m. They report quite a nice time.

  • Thos. Wilson came home from Cleveland to Xmas with his wife and baby.

  • The “Xmas tree” and “Bible day” entertainment given by the S. S. At this place, proved quite a success. The attendance was good and nice behavior prevailed through the entire services. The committee had carefully arranged the house, programme, tree, etc., and at the conclusion of the exercises quietly stripped the tree of its many burdens and distributed them in good order. The only bad feature in the whole affair was that the pastor failed to put in his appearance, much to the regret of those who had worked so hard for the tree and free treat for the little ones. We might further add that Mr. Preacher missed some dainty luxuries by not being present.

  • A Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to the Register.

Ironton Register THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 1891

  • The revival which has been going on for a couple of weeks at this place, closed last Sunday. Rev. Carey, who is much liked by the people here, conducted the meeting, with occasional help from some passing minister. Although the outward appearances of the meeting was not very stirring, we know that inwardly the lukewarm and silent members were made to feel and realize some deep and lasting enjoyment.

  • W. J. Suiter, who has been in the sunny South for several months, returned home on the 8th .

  • Miss Annie Swoyer, of Huntington, West Va., spent last Thursday and Friday with Mrs. Neal Forgey of this place.

  • Miss Minnie Goodall has been spending several weeks with Miss Hattie Suiter.

  • Mrs. Allie Watters, of Proctorville, is the guest of her aunt, Mrs. W. J. Suiter.

  • Mr. Earles, at Columbus, is visiting hi sisters at this place.

  • Ed. Booth was seen on our streets last Saturday.

    · Will Lemley “smoles (sic) a happy smile” all over his noble face, and says it’s a girl.

  • B. T. Daniel and wife M. R. Blake and wife and P. V. Daniel and wife attended the “hop” given by Mrs. McCall last Friday night.

  • Prof. Jones, of Gallia county, has just closed a successful term of vocal music at this place.

  • Prof. J. M. Payne is teaching a model school here, and if you have any doubts about it, just call on his school some day and be convinced of what we tell you.

  • Geo. Terry, of Gallipolis, visited relatives here last week.

  • Quite a romantic little affair occurred in our ville last Friday. Just as Rev. Carey was crossing the road in front of Mrs. H. G. Suiter’s residence he was hailed in front of a carriage containing a happy couple who had been waiting patiently for the minister to come along from church and make them one. In a few moments he had joined them in holy wedlock and was wading out in the middle of the street to congratulate them, before the spectators who had gathered around were aware what was going on. Mr. Wm. Miles was the groom and Miss Etta Robinson the happy bride, both of Guyandotte. They were a bright and intelligent looking couple, who appeared very happy as they drove away. Our best wishes go with them.

  • Mr. Len Nichols and Maggie Curtis were united in holy matrimony at Rockwood last Sunday evening by Esq. Suiter.

  • Matrimony is still in the breeze.

  • The Gypates still hold forth at this place.

Ironton Register Apr. 2, 1891

  • When two persons meet the first thing after they speak to each other is about the weather, good or bad, whichever it may be.

  • Health of the vicinity as an average, is good.

  • The people of this region celebrated the last sunny days of March turning their sods wrong side up.

  • A few more spelling bees yet to go to. Hurrah for the best speller!

  • The Bradrick school, conducted by Mr. Payne, was out last Friday. The inclemencies of the weather made his guests fewer than what they would have been. From what we can learn, Mr. Payne has taught a very successful school. May peace, joy and education abide with him through summer.

Ironton Register THURSDAY, APRIL 09, 1891

  • Health of vicinity very poor. Mrs. S. Holland and Mrs. A. Snell are on the sick list.

  • Mrs. Frank Bender will start for her future home in Indiana, Wednesday. We all wish her a successful journey.

  • Miss Alice Suiter has been visiting relatives in Guyandotte.

  • Matrimony is still on the breeze.

  • A quite wedding took place at Esq. Suiter’s on the 5th. The happy couple were Mr. E. Tomlinson and Miss Laura Farmer. May joy and success be theirs all through live.

  • Rev. J. H. Willis closed his fourth year of pastoral work at this place on the 4th. He has been a faithful pastor and God had crowned his efforts with success. Many useful members have been added to the church. Our prayer is that God may give him victory where’er his lot be cast.

  • U. B. S. S. re-organized March 29th. Richard Adams was again chosen Superintendent. He has been faithful in the past, and the school has progressed finely under his management for two years.

Ironton Register Feb. 9, 1893 · Health in this vicinity is good with few exceptions.

  • The road is almost impassable from the mouth of Guyan creek to Coryville.

  • Charles Collins the genial huckster, is doing a good business.

  • W. G. Smith our merchant, still wields the yard stick.

  • The school at this place is progressing nicely under the control of Miss Dora Payne.

  • Mrs. I. S. Shafer and daughter are visiting relatives at Russell’s Place.

  • J. S. Blake delivers mail from Bradrick to Coryville.

  • Homer Smith has been confined to the house for several days with a crippled foot.

  • Alex Elkins has sold his cow and is dealing in calves.

  • Four of your young men who work for the Ensign M. F. G. Co., viz: M. R. Blake, M. J. Childers, Ed Frampton and Levi Day attempted to cross the river Feb. 2nd through the ice. They got out in the middle of the river and became exhausted, when Childers gave up and said “Boys we are gone,” and then turning to come back, Frampton became excited and in attempting to push the skiff with an oar, the oar broke, striking him on the nose and broke it, and falling back in the skiff cried “Oh! boys do all you can, I have killed myself.” The others got out on a cake of ice and pulled the skiff to an opening in the ice and jumped in the skiff and began singing that old song, “Pull for the shore” and landed at Rockwood on the same side of the river they started from and walked home as happy as happy could be.


  • Some of the big boys of our burg thought the ice could not get so bad but that they could row through it, but they found out last Thursday morning that they were mistaken. They went about a half mile above the mouth of the Guyan creek and started over. They had not gotten far until they were foul. They worked like sailors for about three miles down the river when they found the only way to get back to shore was to get out on the ice and drag the skiff to land. About eight o’clock you could have seen E. Frampton, M. R. Blake, J. M. Childers and Levi Day going through Bradrick looking like whipped school boys, their main object to get home without anyone seeing them. MAC.

Ironton Register AUGUST 15, 1901

  • Miss Myrta Holderby of La Belle was the guest of friends here last.

  • J. R. Rice who has been quite ill for the past two weeks is slowly improving.

  • Miss Jennie Johnson of Gallipolis is the guest of Mrs. B. T. Daniel.

  • Miss Florence Smith of Proctorville spent Saturday and Sunday with Miss Ethel Suiter.

  • W. J. Smith left Tuesday for the Pan American Exposition.

  • Mrs. Sarah Blake and Miss Georgia Childers spent last Thursday with relatives and friends at Willow Wood.

  • Mrs. Minnie Galliher of Huntington is the guest of Mrs. Marion Lemley.

  • Harry Smith of southern Oklahoma spent last week with relatives here.

  • Mrs. L. V. Gibson of Huntington was the guest of her aunt, Mrs. P. S. Smith, Sunday.

  • A. B. Booth of Getaway, spent Saturday with J. C. Riley.

  • Virgil Smith was a visitor at Ensee several days last week.

  • Misses Bessie and Pearl Brubaker of Getaway , are the guests of their sister, Mrs. R. M. Thacker.