Visit to an old Indian Mound

Ironton Register Thursday, March 24, 1892Excerpt from: The account in the Register, last week, of a visit to the “Indian” mound, and the excavation thereof, awakened considerable interest, and we have received several inquiries, which we will answer at random. The bones were almost as light as cork. The teeth fell out of the jaws upon the slightest handling. The skulls were full of earth, packed solid, and the bones parted upon the slightest pressure. The pottery in the mounds was made of a black clay, in which were many fragments of shells. It was very hard. The beads were made of shells and deer horn, and were in pieces form the size of a pea to a peanut. It is very interesting relic. There were ashes in the mound, and one gentleman, referring to the fact, said the mound-builders probably buried with the ritual, “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust &c.” The mound was made of soft earth piled up on a solid clay.