Indian Skeleton is Found by Scouts

Indian Skelton is Found by Scouts

Old Mound at Kouns Property at Sheridan is Opened

Submitted Martha J. Kounse

16 May 1932, Ironton Evening Tribune
The crumbling skeleton of an Indian, buried in the Sheridan neighborhood years ago in the usual Indian mound, was unearthed on the Kouns property at Sheridan Sunday by three Ironton Scouts. Stanley Lynd and Jack Allen of Troop 7 and Jimmy Allen of Troop 2. The mound has been on the Kouns property for years and years and has never been reopened.
The Scouts started their investigation Sunday and were watched by many motorist, as the mound is near the main highway. The teeth and parts of the skull were taken from the mound but the remainder of the skeleton crumbled when touched. Three flint arrowheads and a piece of unbaked pottery clay were found in the mound.