Oliver White Held In Local Jail


Family Quarrel Said to Have Preceded Encounter At Red Hill

IT 19 July 1948A fist fight that is believed to have been started during a family quarrel, resulted in the death of Thomas John Cornell, 58, formerly of Proctorville of late a resident of Huntington, WV and the arrest of Oliver White, 42 of Huntington, to face a homicide charge.

The fight, according to arresting officers, occurred at Red Hill, about three miles north of Proctorville at 5:45 Sunday evening.  According to the officers, their investigation disclosed that during the exchange of blows, Cornell was knocked down and his neck was broken, either in the fall or by being twisted in some manner, either be the contesting White or accidentally.

White made no attempt to flee and was taken into custody by the sheriff and his deputies. He is held without bond pending the filing of charges today.  These charges will be filed in municipal court and the arraignment will be made forthwith.

Dr. Wilson W. Lynd, the Lawrence county coroner, conducted an examination of the body of Cornell. The remains were removed to the Hall Funeral Home at Proctorville. Funeral arrangements will be announced later.

Cornell’s first wife was a sister of White.  The victim later married Stell Workman, who is now in a Huntington hospital.

The fight is said to have started near the home of Cornell’s first wife, following an exchange of words.

Cornell is said to have suffered a broken neck and a crushed Adams apple.  He is survived by his wife Stella, and these children by his first wife: Clifford, Charles and Collis Cornell; Mrs. Gladys Horn, Mrs. Ida Cornell and Mrs. Nancy Harmon, all of Proctorville, and one daughter Gladys Marie, age 2, of Huntington, by his present wife.


IT 20 July 1948

A homicide charge was filed against Oliver White, 42, of Huntington yesterday afternoon in municipal court by Collis R. Cornell, son of Thomas John Cornell, 58, Huntington, who was killed Sunday night in a fight with White at Red Hill, north of Proctorville.

In the affidavit, it is charged that White “did purposely and maliciously kill T.J. Cornell, contrary to the statutes made and provided and against the peace and dignity of the State of Ohio.”

Dr. Wilson W. Lynd, coroner, announced last night that he will hold an inquest Thursday morning at 10 o’clock at the common pleas courtroom.  As yet, no date has been set for arraignment.