Murder of Jack Middaugh

Murder of Jack Middaugh

Ironton Register Mar. 2, 1865

Burlington, February 27. Editor Register: The murder of Jack Middaughs, at Ceredo, on the 13th inst., was attended with some circumstances that deserve mention. The guerrillas surrounded his house before he knew of their presence. Then with a single revolver he drove them a little, wounding two of them. His wife then seized the revolver and threatened them, while Jack made his motions for escape. It was then that the rebs pressed forward to get up the stairs, Mrs. Middaugh standing at the head. Jim Turner was in advance, and finding Mrs. Middaugh in his way, swung his gun and with a blow smashed her foot. She then shot him through the breast, and he fell. – At this moment Jack sprang down the stairs, knocking down all in his path. He got out and had nearly reached the woods, when he was met by three or four mounted men, who surrounded and killed him. – There were thirty-five men in the gang, with Smith, and it would be safe to say that twenty of them were at the house. Through this crowd Jack heroically fought his way and would have escaped but for the guards near the woods. The treatment of Mrs. Middaugh was barbarous in the extreme. – It has been equaled only by the cruelties practiced by the Indians in the early times of this country. After she was disabled they took her and her children out, and made her lie down upon the ground, half dressed, refusing to permit her to get a single article from the house while they were setting fire to it. On that bitter cold night in her condition, she was compelled to remain until the savages left. The conduct of this heroic woman is duly appreciated by the citizens of Catlettsburg, and they have generously provided for her and her little ones.