Murder of Grafton Starbuck

Man Again Under Arrest on Charge of Murder

Submitted by: Shirley Reed


Henry B. Saunders, who was acquitted of a charge of murder at Fayetteville, W. Va., only a few days ago, has been arrested and again occupies a cell in the jail at Fayetteville.
The following account, given by the Fayetteville Journal will be read with interest by Ironton residents.
“Henry B. Saunders, the Boomer constable, is in jail again charged with the murder of Grafton Starbuck. He was rearrested Friday on a warrant sworn out by George Love, prosecuting attorney elect. His preliminary hearing is set for Dec. 30.
Saunders was first arrested three weeks ago and at a preliminary hearing before Squire Midelburg proved a strong alibi by a number of witnesses. There was a lack of any evidence to connect him up with the crime and he was discharged. His rearrest comes as a great surprise. It is alleged that testimony has been found disproving his previous alibi; that he did not go to Charleston until on a late C. & O. train, the night of the murder, that the conductor of the train and two policemen in Charleston talked with him. The evidence of the four women who testified as to his whereabouts on the night of the 28th will also be discredited.
Otto Persinger, the boy whose tale led to the arrest of Mrs. Smith, is also an inmate of the jail now. He was indicted several months ago with Starbuck on a charge of stealing brass. Squire Rardin has been on his bond. Monday the Squire delivered the boy over to the court and asked to be released from the bond.
Mrs. Smith is still held in jail, bond being refused her. She declares her innocence of the crime, that she was sick and not able to be out of the house on the night of the shooting.