Joseph W. Imes


Submitted by  Tom Everett

THE NEWS — IRONTON, OHIO — 20 May 1929

Investigation into the mysterious death of Joseph W. Imes, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company agent, which has been underway since the well known local man died of a blow on the head several months ago, resulted last week in the filing of two affidavits in the court of P. A. Burke charging Jim Flemmings, Lawrence Furnace man and Mervin Stewart, formerly of Ironton and late of Dayton, Ohio with second degree murder. The affidavits were later withdrawn, however.

Mr. Imes died on November 11, 1928 at his home, 1428 South Fourth Street, after a week’s illness with erysipelas. Members of the family stated that about a week before his death, he staggered into his home in a weakened condition, and put to bed. At this time there was a bruise on his head.

The investigation was being carried on from a clue furnished by a woman in Fox Hollow, who is reported to have told a story claimed to have been told her by Dent Flemings, son of Jim Flemings. According to this story an assault was made upon Imes by both the Flemings and Stewart.

Nothing further has developed from the woman’s story and it was reported Saturday that the woman refused to go on with the story unless paid for it. Prosecutor Lee D. Andrews, stated Saturday, that charges against Flemings and Stewart had been withdrawn.