Submitted by Debbie Meinhart

James Gossett, aged about 70 years brother of David Gossett of this city, was arrested last Monday at his home in the upper end of the county on a charge of murdering his wife who died last Sunday. He was arraigned before Squire Hall waived examination and was held for his appearance before the next grand jury in the sum of $300. He gave the bond and was discharged from custody, pending the session of the grand jury during the first week in March.

The case which attracted considerable attention in the immediate neighborhood, for some unaccountable reason was not reported or heard of in Ironton until Saturday.

An Irontonian man hearing the report started an investigation and was not long in locating a gentleman from the vicinity of Millersport and from him learned the following interesting story.

Mrs. Gossett, who is also about 70 years of age, died Sunday. About 2 weeks ago Mrs Gossett it is alleged fell from a chair and injured herself. At her death her son Henry Kingery by a former marriage, charged his stepfather, Mr. Gossett and Hattie Brown a domestic employed in the Gossett home, with murdering his mother. He claimed that the old gentleman struck the woman and that death followed two weeks later from the effects of the blow.

During the two weeks preceding her death Dr. Miller and Dr. Joe Hanna attended the woman and they stated that in their opinion the woman’s death was caused from natural causes and that she was not murdered. The hearing before Squire Hall resulted in the acquittal of the Brown woman.

Mrs. Gossett was a sufferer with small cancers on her face and one of these bled profusely at the time she is alleged to have fallen and this gave rise to the suspicions of Kingery, it is said.

Mr. Gossett was permitted to attend his wife’s funeral under guard. He was at first handcuffed, but prevailed upon the officials to allow him to attend the services unfettered by the cuffs.

Mrs. Gossett had been in poor health for a long time and practically all the good people of the vicinity scout the idea that a murder had been committed.

The old gentleman who was arrested for the alleged murder had no trouble getting bond, Dr. Miller, John Sanders, and Jesse Bowman being his sureties. He was in town Saturday, but the Irontonian men were unable to locate him.

It was learned that Mr. Gossett and his stepson, Mr. Kingery did not get along very well and my many it is thought that spite work is back of the charge.