Charles Davis Murdered of Ella Mae Welch


Charles Davis Was In Bad Shape Last Night, Is Better Today

Submitted by Martha J. Kounse

Ironton Register August 19, 1909, front page

It was reported on the streets Monday evening about 6:00 that Charles Davis, murderer of Ella Mae Welch, one week ago today, was dying at the county jail from the self inflicted wound to his throat.

Davis’ throat is badly swollen and is causing him much pain.  Owing to the fact that water goes up into his nose instead of down his throat, Davis has been unable to drink the refreshing liquid since he has been taken to jail.  he has not drank a pint of water since he was placed behind the bars, although he craves it, and is suffering from fever.  With the exception of small amount of buttermilk and clabber, Davis has been unsuccessful to swallow anything since he cut his throat.  The only relief he seems to get is when he smokes his pipe.  He is no longer kept shackled, but Dove Taylor, who is serving sentence for procuring whisky for Davis, is acting as his guard and nurse.  Davis can speak only in a faint whisper and then with evident pain and difficulty.

This afternoon Sheriff Neal says Davis is somewhat improved. He is now able to talk and eat.  The Sheriff thinks there is no question but that Davis will recover.