Old Murder Stories Taken From Area Newspapers
in Lawrence County, Ohio

Compiled by Martha J. Kounse

There has always been much fascination with old murders, and Lawrence County, Ohio has had her share over the years.

While scanning old newspapers, I noticed a lot of murders, both solved and unsolved. While I haven’t copied and typed each and every one, I have gathered quite a collection for The Lawrence Register website.

Due to the fact that the file is growing so large, and it takes a long time to download, I have had to divide the files into smaller one to make it easier to view. We hope you take time to read these, as a lot of persons are mentioned in them. A big thanks goes to Peggy Wells, who helped me copy and type a lot of these stories.

  • Murders A – G
  • Murders H – L
  • Murders M – R
  • Murders S – Z
  • Murder of George Noble George W. Noble, an aged farmer residing alone on Buffalo Creek, about 6 miles back of Burlington, was foully murdered some time Saturday night or Sunday.
  • Dr. Wayne McCoy shot and instantly killed –  A jealous husband, John F. Davis, murdered Dr. Charles Wayne McCoy May 1, 1907. The following is an account of the murder and the ensuing trial taken from the local newspaper, the “Semi-Weekly Irontonian”, Ironton, Lawrence Co., OH. The articles were typed just as they were printed in the newspaper–bad grammar, misspelled words, and lack of punctuation. Any other errors belong strictly to the transcriber.
  • Mount Vernon Murder –  On last Thursday, 23rd inst., the citizens in the vicinity of Mount Vernon Furnace, in this county, were startled by the announcement of the sudden death of Nancy JOHNSON, wife of Robert JOHNSON.
  • Murder of Grafton Starbuck The story about Henry B. Saunders, who was acquitted of a charge of murder at Fayetteville, W. Va., only a few days ago, has been arrested and again occupies a cell in the jail at Fayetteville.
  • Massie Murder Case of 1914 – Aged Woman and Daughter Butchered in Farm Home And Son Clubbed to Death Wednesday Night at Lecta…
  • Murder of Edward Rucker Edward C. Rucker was one of nine children of Jasper and Samantha Lunsford Rucker.  He grew up in Scottown, Lawrence Co., Ohio.  As my mother relates what she was told by her mother, Henrietta Rucker Schmadel, Edward left Ohio, like many young men of that era, to find riches by prospecting in the western United States.
  • Oliver White Held In Local Jail; Homicide Charge Pending Family Quarrel Said to Have Preceded Encounter At Red Hill.
  • Joseph W. Imes Investigation into the mysterious death of Joseph W. Imes, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company agent, which has been underway since the well known local man died of a blow on the head several months ago.
  • Two 61-Year-old men stabbed in dispute over farm boundary – The scrape took place on the Isom Smith and Ed Rankin farm line at Brady Creek after Smith had taken exception to the running of a boundary at the expense and request of Rankin.
  • Charles Davis Murdered of Ella Mae Welch –  It was reported on the streets Monday evening about 6:00 that Charles Davis, murderer of Ella Mae Welch, one week ago today, was dying at the county jail from the self inflicted wound to his throat.
  • William Wolfe, well known contractor, who resides at the Clifford Hotel on Fourth and Lawrence streets is a patient at the Marting Hospital, suffering with a bullet wound in his left arm, and Charles Sisler of Third and Buckhorn street is a prisoner at the city jail charged with shooting with intent to kill.
  • Stepson Makes Charge that his Aged Mother was Killed by Her Husband  Mrs. Gossett, who is also about 70 years of age, died Sunday. About 2 weeks ago Mrs Gossett it is alleged fell from a chair and injured herself. At her death her son Henry Kingery by a former marriage, charged his stepfather, Mr. Gossett and Hattie Brown..