Index of Military Discharge Records

Military Discharge Records
Lawrence County Ohio Recorder’s Office
late 1864 to about 1900

Submitted by Don Clark

The Lawrence County Recorders Office has several volumes of recorded Military Discharges. These documents can tell you quite a bit about an ancestor physically. Some of them include:

  • height
  • weight
  • hair
  • eye
  • skin color
  • identifying marks or defects
    Some include age, birth date or place of birth, and others have nothing much more than a name.

In addition to the discharges recorded in these volumes there are a few recorded in the ledgers located in the Recorders Office. There is an index for these recorded discharges, you can check at your local FHC, library, or archives for the microfilmed copy of this ledger. There are copies of this microfilm at Briggs Lawrence County Public Library, Hamner Room in Ironton, Ohio and OHS in Columbus, Ohio and Alden Library in Athens, Ohio.

As you who have worked with microfilm know, some files are better than others. Early last year I copied the information from that index and have transcribed the whole book into a computer database. The original index is arranged alphabetically by first letter of the surname and then by volume and page numbers.

There are a total of 1,301 discharges recorded and indexed in this volume. In some instances, there are more than one discharge listed and those are listed as 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. Some contained additional info and I have tried to transcribe exactly as entered. Each entry shows:

  • volume number [with a D if it is recorded in a deed book]
  • page number
  • surname (first name, and any second name or other info listed)

There were words which were unreadable. If you have any questions, please email Don

Military Discharge Index Surnames A – K
Military Discharge Index Surnames L – Z