How to Obtain a Soldier’s Monument

How to Obtain a Free Soldier’s Monument

  1. For Civil War Soldiers, under the Soldiers name, find the Regiment and Unit in the “Official Roster of Ohio Soldiers”, or go online.
  2. Get a copy of the registration card from the Recorder’s Office at the courthouse. If there is no registration card at the Recorder’s Office, make a copy of the page from the “Official Roster of Ohio Soldiers”.
  3. For other wars, send a copy of the Soldier’s discharge. Do not send original copy.
  4. Fill out Form 40-1330 obtained from the Department of Veterans Affairsonline or from the courthouse.
  5. Attach a copy of the Registration card or the “Official Roster of Ohio Soldiers” with the soldiers information. If you need help on filling out the Form 40-1330, go here.
  6. Contact the cemetery’s caretaker or township trustee to sign the letter, if desired.
  7. Send the letter back to the Department of Veterans Affairs. Their address is:
        1. Memorial Program Services (403A)
        2. Department of Veterans Affair
        3. 810 Vermont Ave, NW.
        4. Washington, DC 20420-0001
  8. After the monument arrives, check for damage and make sure spelling and dates are correct.
  9. Kinds of monuments with pictures are here.

Other tips:

  • Be sure to keep a copy of all material sent.
  • The form letter must include a row, plot, or section where the soldier is buried. If there is no other way to find it, make one up.
  • Check with your local monument company, sometimes they will donate a monument, listing all the veterans.