Enlistment Record of Thomas Everett

Thomas Mulnix EVERETT enlisted at Ironton, OH and served in the 8th Ohio Cavalry 1862-1865. The Enlistment Records Thomas are listed below.

Company Muster-in Roll: Thomas M. Everett, Private, Co. B, 8th Reg’t. Ohio Cavalry; Age 18 years. Appears on the Company Muster-in Roll of the organization named above. Roll dated: Camp Dennison, Ohio, Nov. 14, 1862. Muster-in to date: Nov. 14, 1862. Joined for duty and enrolled: When? Sept. 18, 186[2]. Where? Ironton, O. Period? 3 years. Bounty paid: $25.00.

Company K, 2nd Regiment, Ohio Cavalry. (NOTE: Co. B, 8th Reg’t Ohio Cavalry subsequently became (New) Co. K, 2nd Regiment, Ohio Cavalry.) Thomas M. Everett, Pvt. Co. K, 2 Reg’t, Ohio Cavalry. Appears on the “Company Descriptive Book” of the organization named above as follows: DESCRIPTION. Age? 18 years; Height? 5 feet 9 inches. Complexion? Light; Eyes? Blue; Hair? Light; Where born? Lawrence Ohio; Occupation? Farmer. Enlistment. Where? Ironton, O; By whom? Not stated; Term? 3 y’rs.