Deposition of William K. Hankins

Civil War Veteran:
Deposition of William K. Hankins

Submitted by:
The Late Ken Clark, San Antonio, Texas
Lesli Christian, Kitts Hills, Ohio
The Late Paul Hankins, Williamsburg, Kentucky
Source: Civil War Pension papers, National Archives, Washington DC.
Information received was approx 3/4 inch thick. this information was only include abstracts of information and William K. Hankins’s pension deposition (which is quite lengthy).

Term of Service: 3 years; from April 5, 1862 through April 30, 1865.

– Private, Company H, 9th West Virginia Infantry. Transferred to Company H, 1st WV Veteran Infantry for his last six months of service.

– Pension Deposition, May 27, 1899; of William K. Hankins: [transcribed exactly as written]

    I am 56 years of age, P.O., Coal Grove, Lawrence Co, Ohio, Farmer by occupation. I am the identical William Hankins who served as Pvt. Co H, W. Va. Inf. from April 1862 and I was discharged in April 1985. About the last six months of my service I was in Co. H, 1 W.Va. Vet. Inf. Never had any other service military or naval. I am now a pensioner under the Act June 7,1890 and am claiming pension under the general law on account of Rheumatism, disease of the head of Catarrli and disease of the lungs. I made no claims for any other disability whatsoever.

I claim that the starting point of all the disabilities was typhoid fever which attacked me at Gauley, W. Va, along about the first of August 1862. I was sick some five or six weeks at that time before I was able to get around. I did not go to the hospital, stayed night in my tent and was treated by an old citizen doctor, I think his name was Grant. Dr. Morris, our regimental surgeon had been captured at this time. The reason I did not go to the hospital was because all our boys that had gone to the hospital had died and I protested against going.

After I joined the company, or rather after I was able to get about (the Co was at Gauley all the time I was sick) it was a long time before I was fit for duty. That same fall and winter I was on scouting duty through the mountains of Va., and W. Va; and kept it up all winter. I had not fully regained my strength and late that fall or early winter I first felt the pneumonia. It struck me in the right hip and down my right leg to my ankle. I was excused from duty at that time for a few days and was treated by Dr. Morris (dead) our regimental surgeon.

During the remained of my service I was troubled with rheumatism, more of less and always in my right hip and down my right leg and I was often excused from duty and attended sick call but never is hospital and would occasionally have to ride in an ambulance as I was unable to walk. I remember one time during the summer of 1864 that I had to ride in the ambulance from Cedar Creek to Winchester, Va. on account of my Rheumatism. There were other times that I had ride but I cannot recall when or where that was.

Ever since my discharge, I have had Rheumatism, more or less. I had no acute attacks until about 1867 when I commenced to fell it more severely than usual. It kept up in this way, some days worse and some days better but not enough to lay me up entirely until 1873 when I was laid up and unable to leave my house for three months that fall on account of Rheumatism.

Alexander Woods living in Ironton Tunnel, Ohio was my tent bunkmate all through the service and he took care of me while I was sick with typhoid fever at Gauley, W.Va. and knew all about during service. Ruben Higgins, Sgt Daniel Gossett, William Lucas and Clinton Miller were friends of mine during service and knew about my condition. These witnesses all live in this vicinity except Clinton Miller who now lives in Ashland, Ky. [attested to by: W.E. Brammer and W.H. Davidson, 27 May 1899]. I cannot say that they would recall my case thought they were
with me in the company.

I had three different captains during service, Wheeler, Smith and Johnson. Wheeler and Smith I know are dead and I think Johnson is also, but If living his address is unknown to me. At the time of my enlistment I was living at Vesuvius Furnace, this county, and was working on a farm for John Glanden. For for him one year prior to enlistment. I had lived in that vicinity for about two years and prior to that time I lived on Ice Creek, this county, with my grandfather, long since dead.

Immediately upon my discharge I returned to Vesuvius Furnace, this county an remained there until 11 June 1866. I chopped wood and worked at laboring work. In June 1866 I went to Hecla Furnace, this county and remained there for 16 years and dug coal and ore. In 1882, on or about that time, I moved to Whites Creek, Wayne Co, W.Va. remained there for about 6 years, then moved to Sheridan where I remained for about 6 years. Since then I have lived in the vicinity where I now reside. Since I left Hecla Furnace, my occupation has been farming.

The first physician that treated me, after discharge, was Dr. Adams, who lived just about this city. He first treated me in 1873 and was my physician until 1882. While in W.Va., I was treated by Dr. John Marshall who was my family physician. Since I returned from W.Va. I have employed no physician as I was satisfied they could do no good, but have treated myself with patient medicines.

During the time I lived in Hecla Vesuvius Furnace the first years following my discharge, I was intimately acquainted with George Hamilton, living now in Lick Creek and James Bowman living in Rock Camp, O. Worked a good deal with George Hamilton. These men knew me well prior to my enlistment. While at Hecla Furnace, William L. Moore, Living back of Coal Grove, O. and John Lyons of the same vicinity, knew me well and remained with me a great deal during this time. While living in Whites Creek, W.Va. Mrs Mary Thacker, Joseph Lett and William Hutchinson also knew me well. Since my return to this county, William Taylor and Alfred Jones of Sheridan, O. has known me well and any of my neighbors you might want to see.

I never had lung fever to my knowledge at any time. I never stated in my declaration for pension that I was taken with lung fever At Gauley, W.Va. in August of 1862. It was typhoid Fever that I had, so the Dr. said and I know all my hair came out. Any statement in my application that I had lung fever in service is not correct and made without my knowledge.

I am married. My wife’s name is Jane Lyons, married June 9, 1867 at Hecla, O. by J.P. Polley, J.P. Record in probate office, this county.
Neither myself or my wife was previously married. I have seven children living as follows:
1. Daniel, Born Jun 17, 1869
2. William, born May 22, 1873
3. John, Born June 21, 1875
4. Rebecca, born Oct 5, 1878
5. Myrtie, born Oct 5, 1881
6. George W, Born June 4, 1886
7. Benjamin H., born May 28, 1889

My attorney is S.K. Hastings, Deering, O. Signed written contract for $25.00, paid $1.25 for expenses in securing affidavit, paid no fees. I do not care to be present or represented during the special examination of my claim. I have understood the questions asked and my answers have been correctly secured herein.

Depositions provided in support of Pension case of William K. Hankins:
1. James W. Taylor, Sheridan, Lawrence County, Ohio
2. Alfred P. Jones, Lawrence County, Sheridan, Ohio
3. Gaines P. Massie, Arabia, Lawrence County, Ohio
4. Michael A. Smith, Barbourville, Cabell County, West Virginia
5. Alfred Brown, Central City, Wayne County, West Virginia
6. Mrs. Mary Thacker, Whites Creek, Wayne County, West Virginia
7. Dr. George W. Adams, Barboursville, Cabell County, West Virginia
8. James Minton Ball, Olive Furnace, Lawrence County, Ohio
9. George Ball, Pedro, Lawrence County, Ohio
10. Ruben Estes, Member of 9th West Virginia Infantry
11. John Lyons, Hecla, Lawrence County, Ohio
12. Landress Massie, Ironton, Lawrence County, Ohio
13. William L. Moore, Hecla Furnace, Lawrence County, Ohio
14. David Gassett, Member of 9th West Virginia Infantry
15. William C. Lucas, Deering, Lawrence County, Ohio
16. Ruben J. Higgins, Member of 9th West Virginia Infantry
17. John A. Wood, Ironton, Lawrence County, Ohio
18. James C. Miller, Ashland, Boyd County, Kentucky
19. Joseph Lett, Whites Creek, Wayne County, West Virginia
20. William J. Smith, Whites Creek, Wayne County, West Virginia
21. G.R.B. Bowman, Rock Camp, Lawrence County, Ohio
22. George Hamilton, Ryansville, Lawrence County, Ohio

William K. Hankins: Place of Residence was Ironton, Ohio; RR#2, attended by Dr. J.H. Ramsey, Rock Camp, Ohio.
Undertaker: W.W. Phillips, Waterloo, Ohio. 
Date and Place of Burial: Jan 13, 1930 at Zoar Cemetery.
Personal affects, $500.00 to Son William Abram. 
Burial arrangements made by Son: William Abram (Barlow) Hankins. 
Burial Cost: $315.