Researched and Submitted by the late Tom Clutters

       NAMES      UNIT
TAGG, James H. 91st OH Inf.
TAITT, Gabrieal M. 2nd OH Cav.
TASKER, John 173rd OH Inf.
TATE, Charles 36th OH Inf.
TATE, John 173rd OH Inf.
TATEM, William E. 6th OH Cav.
TAYLOR, James 5th USCT
TAYLOR, John 91st OH Inf.
TAYLOR, Newton 1st OH HA
TAYLOR, William N. 5th WV Inf.
TAYLOR, William W. 2nd WV Cav.
TEMPLETON, Martin 45th KY Inf.
TERRY, Benjamin F. 6th OH Inf.
TERRY, James L.
THACKER, Elisha 45th KY Inf.
THACKER, George W.
THACKER, George W. 2nd WV Inf.
THACKER, Jeremiah D. 5th WV Inf.
THEVENIN, Francis 33rd OH Inf.
THEVENIN, John 33rd OH Inf.
THEVENIN, Nicholas 7th OH Cav.
THEVENIN, Robert 18th OH Batt.
THOMAS, David H 53rd OH Inf.
THOMAS, Edward B. 2nd WV Cav.
THOMAS, Evan D. 22nd KY Inf.
THOMAS, George
THOMAS, George 12th OH Inf.
THOMAS, Herman 10th TN Cav.
THOMAS, Hezekiah 1st WV Inf.
THOMAS, John H. 1st KY Inf.
THOMAS, John H. 1st KY Inf.
THOMAS, John N. 173rd OH Inf.
THOMAS, John W. 2nd OH Inf.
THOMAS, Thomas G. 5th WV Inf.
THOMAS, Thomas R. 1st WV LA
THOMER, Charles 14th KY Inf.
THOMER, John 14th KY Inf.
THOMPSON, David M. 11th KY Cav.
THOMPSON, George W. 152nd IL Inf.
THOMPSON, George W. 27th OH Inf.
THOMPSON, George W. 189th OH Inf.
THOMPSON, Jefferson 4th OH Cav.
THOMPSON, Joseph 4th OH Cav.
THOMPSON, Linton H. 18th OH Inf.
THORNTON, Charles W. 7th WV Cav.
TILDEA, Patrick 9th WV Inf.
TODD, James L. 2nd WV Inf.
TOMS, Edward 5th USCT
TOWNS, Thomas A. 18th OH Inf.
TOWNSEND, William P. 173rd OH Inf.
TOWNSEND, Wilson 92nd OH Inf.
TRAYLOR, John 33rd OH Inf.
TROUTMAN, George 2nd KY Inf.
TROUTMAN, Leonard 193rd OH Inf.
TRUESDALE, Abram A. 6th OH Inf.
TRUESDELL, James H. 173rd OH Inf.
TUCKER, Fulton 1st WV LA
TUCKER, Horatio 6th OH Inf.
TULL, Anthony 188th OH Inf.
TULL, Samuel 5th WV Inf.
TURLEY, Charles H. 5th WV Inf.
TURLEY, Joseph A. 6th OH Inf.
TURLEY, Peter L. 188th OH Inf.
TURNER, Benjamin
TURNER, John 45th KY Inf.
TURNER, John Wm.
TURNER, Milan 2nd WV Cav.
TURNER, Reddon C. 5th USCT
TURVEY, James 14th KY Inf.
TURVEY, Levi 173rd OH Inf.
TYLER, Abner J. 91st OH Inf.
UPP, George W. 1st OH HA
UPP, Harry 2nd US Inf.
UPP, Jesse M. 2nd OH HA
UPP, Uriah 1st OH HA
URBAN, Jacob 1st OH HA