Researched and Submitted by the late Tom Clutters

       NAMES      UNIT
MACE, Isaac P. 188th OH Inf.
MACKEY, Matthew 1st WV Inf.
MACKINTOSH, Alex. 2nd WV Cav.
MADDY, Hugh C. 122nd OH Inf.
MAHAN, James 5th OH Cav.
MAINS, John 45th KY Inf.
MALONE, Hugh 60th OH Inf.
MALONE, Jacob 189th OH Inf.
MALONE, Michael 152nd IL Inf.
MALOY, John 9th WV Inf.
MALOY, Patrick 27th OH Inf.
MANN, F. Marion 5th WV Inf.
MANN, George W. 5th WV Inf.
MANN, John 5th WV Inf.
MANN, John H. 5th WV Inf.
MANN, J.W. 173rd OH Inf.
MANNON, Anthony 173rd OH Inf.
MANNON, George W. 13th WV Inf.
MANNON, Henry 173rd OH Inf.
MANNON, Joel 2nd OH Cav.
MANRING, Alvin 53rd OH Inf.
MANRING, George W. 56th OH Inf.
MARCUM, Elliott R. 173rd OH Inf.
MARCUM, James 173rd OH Inf.
MARKEL, John D. Jr.
MARKEL, Jacob D. 91st OH Inf.
MARKEL, Thomas
MARKIN, Charles W. 9th WV Inf.
MARKIN, Ebenezer W. 9th WV Inf.
MARKIN, Lorenzo D. 5th WV Inf.
MARKIN, Moses G. 2nd WV Inf.
MARKIN, Richard 91st OH Inf.
MARKIN, Thomas 173rd OH Inf.
MARKS, Jesse 5th WV Inf.
MARKS, Thomas J. 2nd WV Cav.
MARSHALL, Finley 91st OH Inf.
MARSHALL, George 12th OH Cav.
MARSHALL, John W. 53rd OH Inf.
MARSHALL, William 33rd OH Inf.
MARTIN, Benjamin B. 45th KY Inf.
MARTIN, David 2nd WV Inf.
MARTIN, Edward 2nd WV Cav.
MARTIN, Jacob 4th USCT
MARTIN, James 189th OH Inf.
MARTIN, James O. 126th OH Inf.
MARTIN, John 14th KY Inf.
MARTIN, John W. 22nd KY Inf.
MARTIN, Joseph 22nd KY Inf.
MARTIN, Sampson 53rd OH Inf.
MARTIN, Samuel 5th WV Inf.
MARTIN, Theodore 2nd WV Inf.
MARTIN, William 5th WV Cav.
MARTIN, William C. 18th OH Inf.
MARTIN, William W. 2nd WV Inf.
MARTT, James H. 173rd OH Inf.
MASSEY, Jacob 18th OH Inf.
MASSEY, William C. 27th OH Inf.
MASSIE, Adam 91st OH Inf.
MASSIE, Alfred 91st OH Inf.
MASSIE, Edmond 91st OH Inf.
MASSIE, George 173rd OH Inf.
MASSIE, G.P. 9th WV Inf.
MASSIE, Harvey
MASSIE, Isaac 91st OH Inf.
MASSIE, James P. 9th WV Inf.
MASSIE, Jeptha 91st OH Inf.
MASSIE, John D. 3rd WV Cav.
MASSIE, John T. 195th OH Inf.
MASSIE, Loudan 9th WV Inf.
MASSIE, Moses 173rd OH Inf.
MASSIE, Peter 173rd OH Inf.
MASSIE, Robert 78th OH Inf.
MASSIE, Robert L. 173rd OH Inf.
MASSIE, Squire 5th WV Inf.
MASSIE, Stephen A. 173rd OH Inf.
MASSIE, William 173rd OH Inf.
MASSIE, William S. 9th WV Inf.
MASTERS, Reuben B. 9th WV Inf.
MATHENY, John W. 70th OH Inf.
MATHEWS, G.W. 91st OH Inf.
MATHIAS, Jacob US Army
MATNEY, Jeffrey J. 5th WV Inf.
MATNEY, Jeffrey J. 45th KY Inf
MATNEY, John 45th KY Inf.
MATNEY, John B. 5th WV Inf.
MATNEY, John B. Jr. 5th WV Inf.
MATNEY, William 5th WV Inf.
MATTHEWS, Geo. M. 91st OH Inf.
MATTHEWS, Samuel 5th WV Inf.
MAUCK, Eli R. 91st OH Inf.
MAXON, Olcott P. 44th IL Inf.
MAY, Hugh 53rd OH Inf.
MAY, James 1st WV LA
MAY, Marion 14th KY Inf.
MAY, Roland T. 45th KY Inf.
MAYHEW, Elisha 4th OH Cav.
MAYO, James 9th WV Inf.
MAYO, Joseph 5th WV Inf.
MAYS, Davidson 1st WV LA
MAYS, George W. 173rd OH Inf.
MAYS, James 1st WV LA
MAYS, John D. 3rd WV Cav.
MAYS, Joseph 3rd WV Cav.
MAYS, William M. 45th KY Inf.
McAUBER, Frederick 1st OH HA
McCABE, Charles C. 122nd OH Inf.
McCAFFREY, William 1st OH HA
McCALL, Albert F. 6th WV Cav.
McCALL, John 53rd OH Inf.
McCALL, Thomas 2nd KY Inf.
McCARTNEY, William 1st OH HA
McCLASKEY, Mitchell 189th OH Inf.
McCLELLAND, Nathan 2nd KY Inf.
McCLELLAND, Samuel 194th OH OVI
McCLURE, Adam C. 188th OH Inf.
McCLURE, Charles W. 188th OH Inf.
McCLURE, James 188th OH Inf.
McCLURE, Oliver S. 50th OH Inf.
McCLURE, William R. 1st WV Cav.
McCOMAS, Benjamin 188th OH Inf.
McCOMAS, James 91st OH Inf.
McCONNELL, Jackson 126th OH Inf.
McCONNELL, James 2nd WV Cav.
McCONNELL, Willis 53rd OH Inf.
McCORMICK, James W. 14th KY Inf.
McCORMICK, Thos. 9th WV Inf.
McCOWN, Oliver 45th KY Inf.
McCOY, John 91st OH Inf.
McCOY, Samuel 188th OH Inf.
McCREADY, Joseph 5th WV Inf.
McDANIEL, Caleb 5th WV Inf.
McDANIEL, Daniel 6th OH Cav.
McDANIEL, Daniel 6th OH Cav.
McDONALD, Franklin 27th OH Inf.
McDOWELL, Henderson 173rd OH Inf.
McFADDEN, James 5th WV Inf.
McFANN, Andrew J. 1st OH HA
McFANN, James 1st OH HA
McFANN, John 1st OH HA
McGARVEY, Hamilton 2nd WV Inf.
McGEE, Calvin 22nd KY Inf.
McGEE, John H. 1st OH LA
McGILL, Reese 27th OH Inf.
McGINLEY, John 1st WV LA
McGINLEY, Robert 2nd WV Inf.
McGINNESS, B. 12th PA Cav.
McGIRR, John E. 45th KY Inf.
McGIRR, Josiah Forrest 91st OH OVI
McGOWAN, Andrew J. 53rd KY Inf.
McGREGOR, Joseph 3rd US Cav.
McGUIRE, Middleton 40th KY Inf.
McINTYRE, Hugh 18th OH Inf.
McINTYRE, Joseph 56th OH Inf.
McKAY, Henry
McKEE, Amos 2nd WV Cav.
McKEE, Andrew L. 188th OH Inf.
McKEE, J.D. 3rd WV Cav.
McKEE, Joseph N. 188th OH Inf.
McKEE, Samuel 5th WV Inf.
McKEE, Samuel Jr. 4th OH Cav.
McKEE, William S. 2nd KY Inf.
McKEELS, Daniel 27th USCT
McKNIGHT, Anthony 53rd OH Inf.
McKNIGHT, Daniel 173rd OH Inf.
McKNIGHT, David 2nd OH Cav.
McKNIGHT, George 2nd WV Cav.
McKNIGHT, Henry D. 188th OH Inf.
McKNIGHT, James 173rd OH Inf.
McKNIGHT, Jas. H. 53rd OH Inf.
McKNIGHT, John 5th WV Inf.
McKNIGHT, Robert 5th WV Cav.
McKNIGHT, William 173rd OH Inf.
McMAHAN, Daniel 2nd KY Cav.
McMAHAN, Jackson 2nd WV Cav.
McMAHAN, John 2nd WV Cav.
McMAHAN, Micager 173rd OH Inf.
McMILLEN, John 11th WV Inf.
McMILLIN, Emerson 18th OH Inf.
McMULLEN, Jesse 5th WV Inf.
McMULLEN, Jesse Jr. 9th WV Inf.
McMULLEN, William 188th OH Inf.
McNALLY, F. Patrick 2nd WV Inf.
McNAMARA, Martin
McNICHOLS, Patrick 5th WV Inf.
McNURLIN, John 91st OH Inf.
McQUIGG, William T. 5th WV Inf.
McVICKERS, Hillary 18th OH Inf.
MEADOWS, J.C. 5th WV Inf.
MEEK, Oliver M. 5th WV Inf.
MELTON, Thomas E. 7th OH Cav.
MELVIN, Charles 5th WV Inf.
MELVIN, James M. 195th OH Inf.
MELVIN, John B. 14th KY Inf.
MELVIN, Philip 189th OH Inf.
MENIFEE, William 1st OH LA
MERCER, George 5th WV Inf.
MERRILL, James M. 2nd WV Cav.
MERRILL, William S. 2nd WV Cav.
MEYER, Philip 1st OH LA
MEYERS, Charles H. 5th WV Inf.
MEYERS, Lewis 56th OH Inf.
MILAR, Andrew 5th WV Inf.
MILAR, George 5th WV Inf.
MILAR, William 56th OH Inf.
MILES, David 6th OH Cav.
MILLER, Abraham W. 5th WV Inf.
MILLER, Charles 15th OH Inf.
MILLER, Clinton 9th WV Inf.
MILLER, George 173rd OH Inf.
MILLER, George W. 27th OH Inf.
MILLER, Greenbury 5th WV Inf.
MILLER, Harvey V. 27th OH Inf.
MILLER, Henry 4th WV Inf.
MILLER, Henry C. 195th OH Inf.
MILLER, Henry W. 18th OH Inf.
MILLER, Isaac N. 191st OH Inf.
MILLER, Jacob C. 45th KY Inf.
MILLER, James C. 4th WV Inf.
MILLER, James C. 1st WV Inf.
MILLER, John 45th KY Inf.
MILLER, John 5th OH Cav.
MILLER, John B. 60th OH Inf.
MILLER, John W. 18th OH Inf.
MILLER, Luke 18th OH Batt.
MILLER, Martin 36th OH Inf.
MILLER, Matthew 2nd WV Cav.
MILLER, Nathan 91st OH Inf.
MILLER, Robert F. 91st OH Inf.
MILLER, Robert S. 45th KY Inf.
MILLER, Samuel C.
MILLER, Thomas 173rd OH Inf.
MILLER, Walter 173rd OH Inf.
MILLER, William 6th OH Cav.
MILLER, Zachary T. 195th OH Inf.
MILSTEAD, Creek 5th WV Inf.
MILSTEAD, Thomas 1st WV Inf.
MINARD, Hezekiah 1st WV LA
MINARD, James 22nd OH Inf.
MISNER, Samuel N. 53rd OH Inf.
MITCHELL, Edward 2nd WV Cav.
MITCHELL, John 193rd OH Inf.
MITCHELL, Robert 2nd WV Cav.
MOATS, George N. 12th IN Batt.
MONK, Dawes 1st WV LA
MONK, Henry 91st OH Inf.
MONTGOMERY, Geo. 1st WV Inf.
MONTGOMERY, Geo. 2nd WV Cav.
MOORE, Abraham 173rd OH Inf.
MOORE, Alexander 9th WV Inf.
MOORE, Amos L. 173rd OH Inf.
MOORE, Asbury 173rd OH Inf.
MOORE, Austin 5th WV Inf.
MOORE, Clark 5th WV Inf.
MOORE, Ebenezer F. 1st WV Inf.
MOORE, Joel 45th KY Inf.
MOORE, John 2nd WV Cav.
MOORE, John 173rd OH Inf.
MOORE, Lemuel 5th WV Inf.
MOORE, Martin 5th WV Inf.
MOORE, Miles 173rd OH Inf.
MOORE, Samuel 5th WV Inf.
MOORE, Stanford 5th WV Inf.
MOORE, Wesley 189th OH Inf.
MOORE, William 5th WV Inf.
MOORE, William L. 2nd OH Cav.
MORAN, John H. 2nd KY Cav.
MORGAN, David M. 5th WV Inf.
MORGAN, Edward 5th WV Inf.
MORGAN, John 45th KY Inf.
MORGAN, Mordecai 2nd WV Cav.
MORGAN, William 39th KY Inf.
MORRIS, James K. 40th KY Inf.
MORRIS, Jefferson 2nd WV Cav.
MORRIS, Jonathan 9th WV Inf.
MORRIS, William L. 173rd OH Inf.
MORRISON, James 126th OH Inf.
MORRISON, Samuel 188th OH Inf.
MORRISON, William 188th OH Inf.
MOSEMAN, Hartley 27th OH Inf.
MOSER, Frederick 1st MD Inf.
MOSS, Jesse 5th US CHA
MOSSMAN, Charles 36th OH Inf.
MOUNTAIN, Samuel 185th OH Inf.
MOWERY, John 193rd OH Inf.
MOWERY, William P.
MULHERN, James 2nd WV Cav.
MULLEN, Thomas 56th OH Inf.
MULVEY, William J. 1st WV Inf.
MUNSELL, David 5th WV Inf.
MUNSHOWER, Nathan 82nd PA Inf.
MUNYAN, Amaziah 5th WV Inf.
MUNYAN, Jeremiah 1st OH HA
MUNYAN, Washington 18th OH Inf.
MUNYAN, William 173rd OH Inf.
MURDOCK, Elijah 173rd OH Inf.
MURDOCK, Elijah 173rd OH Inf.
MURDOCK, Israel 2nd WV Cav.
MURDOCK, Lewis 36th OH Inf.
MURDOCK, L.W. 36th OH Inf.
MURDOCK, Pearson 194th OH Inf.
MURFIN, John N. 81st OH Inf.
MURNAHAN, Edward 5th WV Inf.
MURNAHAN, Hiram 173rd OH Inf.
MURNAHAN, James 5th WV Inf.
MURNAHAN, William 5th WV Inf.
MURPHIN, Jacob F. 33rd OH Inf.
MURPHY, George 143rd OH Inf.
MURPHY, John P. 1st OH LA
MURPHY, Samuel 56th OH Inf.
MURPHY, Wesley 56th OH Inf.
MYER, W.C.C. 189th OH Inf.
MYERS, Jacob A. 2nd WV Cav.
MYERS, John C. 45th KY Inf.
MYERS, Thomas 27th OH Inf.
NAGEL, Leonard 30th OH Inf.
NANCE, Aaron 5th WV Inf.
NANCE, George H.
NANCE, Richard 9th WV Inf.
NANCE, Solomon 173rd OH Inf.
NANCE, Wilson 9th WV Inf.
NEAL, David A. 53rd OH Inf.
NEAL, G.W. 5th WV Inf.
NEAL, James C. 4th WV Inf.
NEAL, John 9th WV Inf.
NEAL, Levi
NEAL, Simeon 5th WV Inf.
NEAL, William 91st OH Inf.
NEAL, William M.
NEALEY, John M. 117th OH Inf.
NEALY, William A. 1st OH HA
NEDDERMAN, Joseph 5th OH Inf.
NEELY, B.D. 91st OH Inf.
NEFF, George W. 56th OH Inf.
NEFF, Hugh 6th OH Cav.
NEFF, Lewis P. 5th WV Inf.
NEFF, Leonard 173rd OH Inf.
NELSON, Greenville 45th KY Inf.
NELSON, John 189th OH Inf.
NELSON, William
NEWMAN, August 53rd OH Inf.
NEWMAN, Green 5th WV Inf.
NEWMAN, John 6th OH Cav.
NEWMAN, Valentine 146th OH Inf.
NEWTON, William S. 91st OH Inf.
NICHOLAS, Newman 56th OH Inf.
NICHOLS, Edward Jr. 9th WV Inf.
NICHOLS, Samuel 91st OH Inf.
NIGH, Elias US Army
NOBLE, James 5th WV Inf.
NOBLE, Samuel 6th OH Cav.
NOEL, Charles
NOLAN, Epperson 39th KY Inf.
NOLAN, Leonard 14th KY Inf.
NOLAN, William 1st OH HA
NORRIS, Amaziah 91st OH Inf.