Researched and Submitted by the late Tom Clutters

       NAMES      UNIT
JACKS, Alexander 9th WV Inf.
JACKSON, Isaac 22nd OH Inf.
JACKSON, James 1st WV LA
JACKSON, Thomas 2nd KY Cav.
JAMES, Daniel 60th OH Inf.
JAMES, David 60th OH Inf.
JAMES, John D. 13th PA Inf.
JAMES, Thomas T. 2nd WV Cav.
JARVIS, Charles 1st OH LA
JASPER, Thomas 4th OH Cav.
JAVENS, John 2nd WV Cav.
JAYNES, Andrew J. 27th OH Inf.
JAYNES, George W. 173rd OH Inf.
JAYNES, James 11th WV Inf.
JAYNES, William B.
JEFFERS, Andrew J. 52nd OH Inf.
JENKINS, Archibald 173rd OH Inf.
JENKINS, David 183rd OH Inf.
JENKINS, Elias 5th WV Inf.
JENKINS, James A. 91st OH Inf.
JENKINS, Jonas 14th KY Inf.
JOHN, Edward L. 5th WV Inf.
JOHNSON, Benjamin 45th KY Inf.
JOHNSON, Charles W.
JOHNSON, D.T. 2nd WV Inf.
JOHNSON, James 4th CA Cav.
JOHNSON, Jeremiah C. 53rd OH Inf.
JOHNSON, J.H. 5th WV Inf.
JOHNSON, John 5th WV Inf.
JOHNSON, John H. 14th KY Inf.
JOHNSON, John W. 53rd OH Inf.
JOHNSON, Joseph 1st OH LA
JOHNSON, Robert 5th WV Inf.
JOHNSON, Russell 77th OH Inf.
JOHNSON, Thomas 56TH IL Inf.
JOHNSON, Thomas Jr. 5th WV Inf.
JOHNSON, Welcome
JOHNSON, William 5th WV Inf.
JOHNSTON, Benj. 2nd OH Cav.
JOHNSTON, James 4th CA Inf.
JONES, Andrew J. 40th KY Inf.
JONES, Andrew J. 1st OH LA
JONES, Edward R. 179th OH Inf.
JONES, David L. 18th OH Inf.
JONES, Henry 2nd WV Cav.
JONES, John A. 36th OH Inf.
JONES, John T. 5th WV Inf.
JONES, Joseph 2nd WV Cav.
JONES, Richard 5th OH Batt.
JONES, Samuel 5th WV Inf.
JONES, Samuel 116th OH Inf.
JONES, William 5th WV Inf.
JOSEPH, Beals 91st OH Inf.
JOSEPH, James 2nd WV Cav.
JOSEPH, James W. 92nd OH Inf.
JUDD, Charles H. 19th IA Inf.
JUDD, Giles A. 5th WV Inf.
JUDD, Thomas 146th IN Inf.
JUROCK, Prosper 2nd WV Cav.
JUSTICE, Amos 173rd OH Inf.
JUSTICE, Caleb J. 126th OH Inf.
JUSTICE, David J. 5th WV Inf.
JUSTICE, George 56th OH Inf.
JUSTICE, John 91st OH Inf.
JUSTICE, John S. 5th WV Inf.
JUSTICE, Peyton C. 39th KY Inf.
JUSTICE, Philip S. 91st OH Inf.
JUSTICE, William 39th KY Inf.
KANEFF, George W. 7th OH Cav.
KEARNS, Jesse 6th OH Cav.
KEATHLEY, Simpkins 39th KY Inf.
KEATON, Perry 22nd KY Inf.
KEENEY, M.B. 2nd WV Inf.
KEEPERS, John V. 1st WV LA
KEITH, Uri S. 1st OH HA
KELLEY, Elisha 11th OH Cav.
KELLEY, George W. 1st KY Cap. Gds.
KELLEY, Isom 5th WV Inf.
KELLEY, John F. 1st KY Cap. Gds.
KELLEY, Joseph V. 53rd KY Inf.
KELLEY, Joseph W. 9th WV Inf.
KELLEY, W.A. 53rd OH Inf.
KELLEY, William A. 173rd OH Inf.
KELLY, Anthony T. 5th WV Inf.
KELLY, John 5th WV Inf.
KELLY, Levi 5th WV Inf.
KELLY, Levi Jr. 5th WV Inf.
KELVEY, John 6th OH Cav.
KEMP, Charles Turner 146th OH Inf.
KEMP, James 2nd OH HA
KEMP, William E.R. 146th OH Inf.
KENNISON, Amos 197th OH Inf.
KERNS, George 2nd WV Inf.
KERNS, George 5th WV Cav.
KERR, Franklin C. 18th OH Inf.
KETTEL, Charles K. 22nd IL Inf.
KEVIL, Michael 2nd WV Inf.
KEYE, George W. 146th OH Inf.
KEYE, William 5th WV Inf.
KIGOR, Alonzo 1st OH HA
KILGORE, Jacob L. 189th OH Inf.
KILGORE, William E.
KILLEAN, Edward 2nd KY Inf.
KILPATRICK, Thos. 5th WV Inf.
KIMBLE, Joseph 43rd OH Inf.
KIMBLE, Solomon 173rd OH Inf.
KINCAID, John 18th OH Inf.
KING, Charles 5th USCT
KING, Henry 23rd IN Inf.
KING, James 2nd WV Cav.
KING, J.B. 14th KY Inf.
KING, Jeremiah 5th WV Inf.
KING, Mark 2nd WV Cav.
KINGERY, Amos H. 173rd OH Inf.
KINGERY, John 173rd OH Inf.
KINGERY, Peter 173rd OH Inf.
KINGERY, Peter A. 32nd OH Inf.
KINGRY, William 7th US Inf.
KINNISON, Amos 196th OH Inf.
KINNISON, Calahan J.
KINSLEY, Frank 1st OH LA
KIRKER, Carey L. 2nd WV Cav.
KIRKER, Richard 2nd WV Cav.
KIRKER, Thomas S. 1st OH LA
KIRKER, William 91st OH Inf.
KIRKMAN, Nicholas 36th OH Inf.
KIRKPATRICK, Samuel 5th WV Inf.
KISER, Frank 5th WV Inf.
KISER, Hiram 56th OH Inf.
KISKADDEN, George 2nd WV Cav.
KISSINGER, William 18th OH Inf.
KITE, John C. 189th OH Inf.
KITE, Joshua 2nd WV Inf.
KITTS, Andrew L. 36th OH Inf.
KITTS, David 36th OH Inf.
KITTS, Edward 77th OH Inf.
KITTS, Peyton 92nd OH Inf.
KLINE, James 103rd PA Inf.
KNAPP, Lewis 6th OH Cav.
KNAPP, Rufus T.
KNIGHT, George A.
KOEHLER, Frederick 1st OH LA
KOONTZ, George E. 60th OH Inf.
KOONZ, William 5th OH Batt.
KOUNS, Martin H. 6th OH Cav.
KRAEMER, Christopher 56th OH Inf.
KRAMER, Frederick 173rd OH Inf.
KRAMER, George 2nd WV Cav.
KRATZENBERG, Geo. 27th OH Inf.
KREGER, John 25th MI Inf.
KUHNER, Christopher 140th OH Inf.
KUNEFF, G.W. 7th OH Cav.
KUSTER, George
KYBBY, George W. 122nd USCT
KYLE, Peter K. 13th WV Inf.
KYSOR, Andrew J. 45th KY Inf.
KYSOR, Benjamin F. 91st OH Inf.
LaCROIX, Isaac R. 27th OH Inf.
LACY, Elijah 14th KY Inf.
LADY, Albert H. 6th WV Inf.
LAFON, Henley J. 173rd OH Inf.
LAKE, Daniel A. 4th WV Inf.
LAKE, Isaac 45th KY Inf.
LAKE, James 45th KY Inf.
LAMBERT, Cornelius 1st WV LA
LAMBERT, Erastus
LAMBERT, Green B. 5th WV Inf.
LAMBERT, Harrison 1st OH HA
LAMBERT, Lafayette 173rd OH Inf.
LAMBERT, Richard George’s Cav.
LAMBERT, Richard 6th OH Inf.
LAMBERT, Samuel H. 189th OH Inf.
LAMBERT, Samuel Y.
LAMBERT, Thomas 6th OH Cav.
LAMBERT, Thornton 6th OH Cav.
LAMBERT, Whitfield 126th OH Inf.
LAMBERT, William B. 6th OH Cav.
LAMBERT, William B. 56th OH Inf.
LAMBERT, William G. 6th OH Cav.
LAMERSON, J.J. 127th IL Inf.
LANE, James A.
LANE, William 1st WV LA
LANE, William E. 173rd OH Inf.
LANGDON, Enoch 173rd OH Inf.
LANGDON, Thomas 91st OH Inf.
LANGDON, Wm. C. 173rd OH Inf.
LANGSHORE, Benton 2nd KY Inf.
LANTHORN, James George’s Cav.
LANTZ, John 2nd KY Inf.
LARGE, Solomon 6th OH Cav.
LATIMORE, Thos. W. 1st WV LA
LAWSON, John 5th WV Inf.
LAYMAN, Jacob 5th WV Inf.
LAYNE, David 91st OH Inf.
LAYNE, James H. 5th WV Inf.
LAYNE, John N. 5th WV Inf.
LAYNE, Samuel 5th WV Inf.
LAYNE, William C. 5th WV Inf.
LEASURE, John H. 6th WV Inf
LEEDY, Samuel 1st OH LA.
LEFFINGWELL, Corydon C. 2nd OH Cav.
LEFFINGWELL, Saml. 5th WV Inf.
LEIGHTY, Gabriel 5th WV Inf.
LEIGHTY, Morris E. 2nd US Inf.
LEIGHTY, Peter W. 5th WV Inf.
LEMLEY, Reason D. 2nd OH Cav.
LEMLEY, Samuel 173rd OH Inf.
LEMLEY, Slater 173rd OH Inf.
LEMLEY, William H. 173rd OH Inf.
LEMONS, John 27th OH Inf.
LEONARD, Albert W. 2nd WV Cav.
LESLIE, James E. 5th WV Inf.
LESLIE, Robert 5th WV Inf.
LEWIS, Abel A.
LEWIS, Colby 5th WV Inf.
LEWIS, David W. 173rd OH Inf.
LEWIS, Frank 14th KY Inf.
LEWIS, George W. 36th OH Inf.
LEWIS, Hiram 73rd OH Inf.
LEWIS, James 5th WV Inf.
LEWIS, John H. 189th OH Inf.
LEWIS, Jonathan 5th WV Inf.
LEWIS, Joseph 45th KY Inf.
LEWIS, Joseph H. US Navy
LEWIS, Mark S. 126th OH Inf.
LEWIS, Robert 5th WV Inf.
LEWIS, Thomas 91st OH Inf.
LIGGETT, George W. 45th KY Inf.
LIKENS, Joseph
LINTNER, Frederick 1st OH HA
LITCH, William M. 36th OH Inf.
LITTLE, James E. 7th OH Cav.
LITTLE, Richard B. 3rd WV Cav.
LIVELY, William
LIVESAY, Allen 91st OH Inf.
LIVINGSTON, John 126th OH Inf.
LLOYD, Joseph L. 179th OH Inf.
LOAR, Moses 22nd KY Inf.
LOCEY, John P. 5th WV Inf.
LODGE, George W. 56th OH Inf.
LODGE, Hiram 56th OH Inf.
LOGAN, Meredith C. 173rd OH Inf.
LONG, Isaac 22nd KY Inf.
LONG, James E. 18th OH Inf.
LONG, James T. 60th OH Inf.
LOPER, Alfred 4th OH Cav.
LOPER, Jacob 4th OH Cav.
LOPER, John W.
LOSEY, Thomas 5th WV Inf.
LOUDERBACK, Jacob 4th OH Cav.
LOUPE, Raphael C. 3rd US LA
LOVEJOY, Maquis D.L. 14th KY Inf.
LOVER, William 189th OH Inf.
LOWRY, Benjamin F. 53rd OH Inf.
LUCAS, William 2nd OH HA
LUCAS, William C. 9th WV Inf.
LUCUS, James E. 9th WV Inf.
LUNSFORD, Andrew 1st WV LA
LUNSFORD, Elijah 173rd OH Inf.
LUNSFORD, Levi 2nd WV Cav.
LUNSFORD, Pleasant 9th WV Inf.
LUNSFORD, Presley 2nd WV Cav.
LUNSFORD, Reuben 1st OH HA
LUNSFORD, Reuben 9th WV Inf.
LUNSFORD, William 5th WV Inf.
LYNCH, Martin 12th IL Inf.
LYND, Jacob J. 173rd OH Inf.
LYND, Samuel B. 18th OH Inf.
LYND, William P. 188th OH Inf.
LYONS, John 2nd OH Cav.
LYONS, Samuel 2nd WV Inf.
LYONS, Willis 5th WV Inf.