Researched and Submitted by the late Tom Clutters

       NAMES      UNIT
CADE, Samuel 8th OH SS
CADE, Thomas 173rd OH Inf.
CADE, Thomas J. 78th OH Inf.
CALDWELL, James C. 2nd KY Cav.
CALDWELL, John 2nd KY Cav.
CALL, Charles H. 173rd OH Inf.
CALL, George 18th OH Inf.
CALL, William 73rd OH Inf.
CALLENDAR, Wm. 33rd OH Inf.
CALVIN, Clark 5th WV Inf.
CALVIN, Stephen P. 5th WV Inf.
CAMPBELL, Albert 91st OH Inf.
CANAAN, George W. 18th OH Inf.
CANNON, John H. 179th OH Inf.
CANTER, John 1st OH HA
CANTER, Simeon 53rd OH Inf.
CANTERBURY, George W. 7th OH Cav.
CANTERBURY, James M. 189th OH Inf.
CANTERBURY, Joseph 18th OH Inf.
CANTERBURY, Lewis A. 4th WV Inf.
CANTERBURY, Wm. H. 91st OH Inf.
CAREY, Timothy F. 56th OH Inf.
CARNES, John 126th OH Inf.
CARNES, Joseph 1st WV Inf.
CARR, Cornelius 18th OH Inf.
CARR, Daniel 18th OH Inf.
CARR, Jeremiah 2nd WV Cav.
CARROLL, James E. 3rd WV Cav.
CARROLL, John 22nd KY Inf.
CARROLL, Patrick 22nd KY Inf.
CARTEN, Thomas C. 146th OH Inf.
CARTER, Francis M. 33rd OH Inf.
CARTER, James W. 1st OH HA
CARTER, Jesse 1st OH HA
CARTER, John 1st WV LA
CARTER, Philip A. 33rd OH Inf.
CARTWRIGHT, Cyrus 75th OH Inf.
CARTWRIGHT, Cyrus 27th OH Inf.
CASEBOLT, Thomas 33rd OH Inf.
CASEY, Edward 13th WV Inf.
CASEY, John N. 91st OH Inf.
CASSADY, Reese E. 188th OH Inf.
CASTLE, Andrew 188th OH Inf.
CAVE, Aquilla 18th OH Inf.
CAVENY, Patrick 6th OH Cav.
CENTERS, George W. 7th OH Cav.
CHAMBERS, James M. 5th WV Inf.
CHANEY, Thomas 1st OH LA
CHAPMAN, Isaac F. 173rd OH Inf.
CHARLTON, John 5th WV Inf.
CHARLTON, Thomas 5th WV Inf.
CHATFIELD, David R. 188th OH Inf.
CHATFIELD, Oliver D. 188th OH Inf.
CHATFIELD, Robert 188th OH Inf.
CHATFIELD, Samuel K. 188th OH Inf.
CHATFIELD, Seth 188th OH Inf.
CHESSER, Joseph S. 73rd OH Inf.
CHICK, Sylvester T. 173rd OH Inf.
CHILDERS, Alexander 188th OH Inf.
CHILDERS, George W. 13th WV Inf.
CHILDERS, Robert 188th OH Inf.
CHINN, Josiah 5th WV Inf.
CHRISTIAN, James A. 45th KY Inf.
CLARK, Anthony 9th WV Inf.
CLARK, Anthony W. 9th WV Inf.
CLARK, Asa 173rd OH Inf.
CLARK, Cornelius 173rd OH Inf.
CLARK, Ellis E. 9th WV Inf.
CLARK, George W. 126th OH Inf.
CLARK, Jacob G. 27th OH Inf.
CLARK, John 75th OH Inf.
CLARK, Samuel R. 2nd WV Cav.
CLARK, Thomas 45th KY Inf.
CLAY, John M. 5th WV Inf.
CLAY, William H. 5th WV Inf.
CLAYBAUGH, Jacob 2nd WV Cav.
CLEAR, Henry H. 39th KY Inf.
CLEMMONS, August 56th OH Inf.
CLEMMONS, William 45th KY Inf.
CLINE, Henry F. 56th OH Inf.
CLINE, Michael J. 173rd OH Inf.
CLINEFELTER, Albert 18th OH Inf.
CLOUSE, William 30th OH Inf.
CLUTTS, Charles 6th OH Inf.
CLYMER, John 27th OH Inf.
COATS, Benjamin C. 30th OH Inf.
COATS, Ebenezer 198th OH Inf.
COATS, John D. 2nd WV Inf.
COCHRANE, Abraham 2nd WV Cav.
COCHRANE, John J. 56th OH Inf.
COFFMAN, Adam P. 5th WV Inf.
COFFMAN, David C. 1st WV Inf.
COFFMAN, John H. 56th OH Inf.
COFFMAN, John W. 2nd KY Cav.
COLE, Henry P. 146th OH Inf.
COLEMAN, John 18th KY Inf.
COLEMAN, Thornton 5th USCT
COLER, Felix W. 148th OH Inf.
COLER, George M. 148th OH Inf.
COLES, Thomas K. 91st OH Inf.
COLLARD, John 2nd WV Cav.
COLLEY, William L. 2nd WV Cav.
COLLIER, Cornelius 2nd WV Inf.
COLLIER, Erastus 1st MO LA
COLLIER, Henry 2nd WV Inf.
COLLIER, John 3rd WV Cav.
COLLIER, Joseph 5th WV Inf.
COLLINS, Jacob 5th WV Inf.
COLLINS, James Madison 16th V. Cav.
POW Ft. Delaware
bur. Zoar Cem.
COLLINS, Nathan 9th WV Inf.
COLVIN, Ambrose 13th MO Inf.
COLVIN, Harrison 13th MO Inf.
COLVIN, Joseph 13th MO Inf.
COLVIN, Marion 13th MO Inf.
COLVIN, William 13th MO Inf.
COMBS, Abraham 18th OH Inf.
COMBS, John 3rd WV Cav.
COMER, Lewis 56th OH Inf.
COMPLIMENT, Chas. 91st OH Inf.
CONAWAY, George W. 1st WV LA
CONLEY, Terrence 2nd WV Inf.
CONNELLY, James 2nd KY Inf.
CONWAY, Lewis 2nd WV Cav.
COOK, Henry 53rd OH Inf.
COOK, Herman 1st OH HA
COOK, James R. 53rd OH Inf.
COOK, Robert P. 1st OH HA
COOK, William F. 2nd KY Inf.
COOKSON, Wm. O. 18th OH Inf.
COOPER, David G. 6th OH Cav.
COOPER, Jeremiah C. 173rd OH Inf.
COOPER, Reason 33rd OH Inf.
COOPER, Seth 5th WV Cav.
COOPER, William F. 173rd OH Inf.
COPLEY, Nicholas 5th WV Inf.
CORBIN, Martin 6th OH Cav.
CORBIN, Sardine 173rd OH Inf.
CORBIN, Vanburen 91st Co D OVI
CORDELL, Samuel 5th WV Inf.
CORN, Amos 91st OH Inf.
CORN, Clark 91st OH Inf.
CORN, George W. 173rd OH Inf.
CORN, Greenville 173rd OH Inf.
CORN, Jesse 173rd OH Inf.
CORN, Jesse 173rd OH Inf.
CORN, John 126th OH Inf.
CORN, Jordan 91st OH Inf.
CORN, Peter 9th WV Inf.
CORNELL, Charles 146th OH Inf.
CORNELL, Jacob 5th WV Inf.
CORNELL, Willis 5th WV Inf.
CORNS, John M. 2nd WV Cav.
CORNS, Joseph
CORNWELL, Silas 6th OH Cav.
CORUM, James 17th IL Cav.
CORY, Azro J. 1st OH HA
CORY, Benjamin F. US Cavalry
COUGHLIN, John 9th WV Inf.
COWEE, Sardine 122nd OH Inf.
COWEN, James 13th WV Inf.
COX, Thomas L. 33rd OH Inf.
CRABTREE, Harvey 45th KY Inf.
CRABTREE, Henry 45th KY Inf.
CRABTREE, William 14th KY Cav.
CRADY, Edward E. 4th OH Cav.
CRAIG, James 9th WV Inf.
CRAWFORD, Alma 5th WV Inf.
CRAWFORD, Alexander 5th WV Inf.
CRAWFORD, Anthony 6th OH Cav.
CRAWFORD, Francis M. 1st OH HA
CRAWFORD, Geo. H. 91st OH Inf.
CRAWFORD, Henry 9th WV Inf.
CRAWFORD, Watt 2nd WV Cav.
CRAWSHAW, W. George George’s Cav.
CRISS, James 2nd OH Inf.
CRIST, James A. 27th KY Inf.
CROFT, Isaac 2nd WV Inf.
CROSS, Israel P. 6th OH Cav.
CROSSLAND, Allen D. 91st OH Inf.
CROSSLEY, Simeon 91st OH Inf.
CROSSLIN, Charles 5th USCT
CROW, John 191st OH Inf.
CROWLEY, Isaac 20th OH Batt.
CRYSTAL, Martin 2nd WV Inf.
CUBBAGE, Henry 4th OH Cav.
CULBERTSON, Greenville B. 18th OH Inf.
CULBERTSON, John D. 18th OH Inf.
CULLEN, Matthew J. 1st WV LA
CULLEN, Matthias 102nd OH Inf.
CUMPSTON, Alfred F. 5th WV Inf.
CUMPSTON, Andrew J. 5th WV Inf.
CUMPSTON, Henry V. 91st OH Inf.
CUMPSTON, Jacob 5th WV Inf.
CUMPSTON, John 173rd OH Inf.
CUMPSTON, Noah 2nd WV Inf.
CUNNINGHAM, Jesse C. 9th WV Inf.
CURNELL, Isaac 1st OH HA
CURNELL, James 1st WV LA
CURRINGTON, Hiram 27th OH Inf.
CURRINGTON, James 27th OH Inf.
CURRINGTON, Jos. M. 91st OH Inf.
CURRINGTON, Nathan. 39th KY Inf.
CURRY, Silas H. 146th OH Inf.
CURTIS, Emory W. 5th WV Inf.
CURTIS, Ezra 5th WV Inf.
CURTIS, John M. 2nd KY Inf.
CUTRIGHT, George W. 91st OH Inf.
DAILEY, John 18th OH Inf.
DAILEY, Vincent 91st OH Inf.
DALTON, Charles E. 3rd WV Cav.
DALTON, Charles H. 173rd OH Inf.
DALTON, George W. 4th OH Cav.
DALTON, Madison 4th OH Cav.
DALTON, Thomas 33rd OH Inf.
DALTON, William H. 6th OH Cav.
DAMRON, Sylvester 5th WV Inf.
DANIELS, Joseph W. 1st WV LA
DANIELS, Maurice P. 23rd OH Inf.
DARLING, Isaac 4th OH Cav.
DARLING, James C. 9th WV Inf.
DARLING, Lewis M. 1st WV LA
DAVEY, Thomas N. 5th WV Inf.
DAVIDSON, Benj. J. 27th OH Inf.
DAVIDSON, Henry N. 1st OH HA
DAVIDSON, Jeremiah 173rd OH Inf.
DAVIDSON, Josephus S. 2nd KY Inf.
DAVIDSON, Leander 5th WV Inf.
DAVIDSON, Nathaniel 40th KY Inf.
DAVIDSON, Reuben 1st OH HA
DAVIDSON, Samuel G. 40th KY Inf.
DAVIDSON, Wm. R.S. 92nd OH Inf.
DAVIES, George B. 146th OH Inf.
DAVIS, Andrew J. 8th OH Batt.
DAVIS, David E. 36th OH Inf.
DAVIS, Edwin 2nd WV Cav.
DAVIS, Francis 92nd OH Inf.
DAVIS, Jenkin 56th OH Inf.
DAVIS, John 27th OH Inf.
DAVIS, John A. 1st WV Cav.
DAVIS, John W. 5th WV Inf.
DAVIS, Morris 47th OH Inf.
DAVIS, Rees F.
DAVIS, Thomas J. 14th KY Inf.
DAVISSON, J.L. 188th OH Inf.
DAVISSON, Reuben 1st OH HA
DAWSON, James M. 5th WV Inf.
DAWSON, Larkin 40th KY Inf.
DAWSON, Lewis A. 91st OH Inf.
DAWSON, William 2nd WV Cav.
DAY, Allen M. 4th OH Cav.
DAY, Charles 45th KY Inf.
DAY, James 6th OH Cav.
DAY, James H. 193rd OH Inf.
DAY, James W. 91st OH Inf.
DAY, Kimber B. 5th WV Inf.
DAY, Washington 18th OH Inf.
DAY, William 45th KY Inf.
DEAN, James
DEAN, John T. 14th KY Inf.
DEAN, Travis 3rd WV Cav.
DEARMON, Ferdinand
DEARMY, Alfred 173rd OH Inf.
DEBORD, Thomas J. 45th KY Inf.
DEER, Sylvester
DEERING, Conrad Co. F-45th Regt. KVI
buried in Athens county
DEERING, Henry 4th OH Cav.
DEERING, John L. 4th OH Cav.
DEERING, William W. 4th OH Cav.
DEFOE, Augustus 1st OH LA
DEFOE, James 5th WV Inf.
DEFOE, William 53rd OH Inf.
DELANEY, Arthur 2nd WV Cav.
DELANEY, Patrick 27th OH Inf.
DELAWDER, James M. 173rd OH Inf.
DELAWDER, John 4th OH Cav.
DELONG, Edmond 78th OH Inf.
DEMARO, Francis 5th WV Inf.
DEMELING, Henry 2nd OH Inf.
DEMENT, John 4th OH Cav.
DEMENT, Samuel S. 173rd OH Inf.
DEMENT, Stephen 91st OH Inf.
DEMENT, William 173rd OH Inf.
DEMPSEY, John H. 2nd WV Cav.
DEMPSEY, Joseph W. 4th OH Cav.
DENNISON, James 5th WV Inf.
DENNISON, Jonathan 91st OH Inf.
DESELM, Robert 1st OH HA
DESILVA, T.M. 2nd WV Inf.
DESTREBUE, Jules 26th MO Inf.
DEWITT, Harrison 173rd OH Inf.
DEWITT, Hiram W. 56th OH Inf.
DEWITT, John 173rd OH Inf.
DEWITT, Segar US Navy
DEWITT, William 91st OH Inf.
DIELS, A.J. 46th KY Inf.
DICKES, Charles 33rd OH Inf.
DILLEY, Albert 91st OH Inf.
DILLON, Cyrus M. 173rd OH Inf.
DILLON, Hiram B. 9th WV Inf.
DILLON, J.C. 5th WV Inf.
DILLON, Squire J. 173rd OH Inf.
DILLON, T.B. 5th WV Inf.
DILLON, Welcome 173rd OH Inf.
DILLON, William 13th WV Inf.
DILLON, William 5th WV Inf.
DILLON, William H. 173rd OH Inf.
DILLOW, Thomas J. 5th WV Inf.
DILLOW, William 5th WV Inf.
DINNEN, Calvin
DITCHER, James 23rd USCT
DITTY, James 2nd KY Inf
DIXON, James 45th KY Inf.
DIXON, Louis 14th KY Inf.
DIXON, Meredith 14th KY Inf.
DODD, John
DODGE, Thomas H. 1st OH HA
DODSON, Alfred 91st OH Inf.
DOGGETT, Evan 2nd WV Cav.
DONOHOE, Alvin 56th OH Inf.
DONOHUE, William H. 6th OH Cav.
DORAN, Edward 2nd WV Cav.
DORAN, Nicholas 2nd WV Cav.
DORAN, Thomas 18th OH Inf.
DORNAN, Andrew 188th OH Inf.
DORNAN, Joseph
DORNON, Lorenzo Company K, 2nd regiment Ohio Vol. Inf. between
Sept. 1862 to May 1865.
DORRIES, August 1st OH LA
DORRIES, Frederick 1st OH LA
DOTY, L. 5th WV Inf.
DOUGHERTY, John 2nd WV Inf.
DOUGHERTY, William 2nd WV Inf.
DOUGHTY, John D. 91st OH Inf.
DOUGLAS, Richard 22nd KY Inf.
DOUGLAS, Stephen A. 10th KY Cav.
DOWDY, John 3rd WV Cav.
DOWLER, Henry C. 1st OH HA
DOWLING, Patrick 1st WV LA
DRAKE, Stephen P. 2nd WV Cav.
DRISCOLL, S.H. 18th OH Inf.
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