Dr Clinton G. Gray

Dr. Clinton Godsey Gray

Excerpt from “Medical Professionals from Lawrence County, Ohio and Surrounding Areas: 1817-1997” by Sharon Milich Kouns

Gray, Dr. C. G.
Occupation: M. D.
Office: Third and Chestnut, Ironton, Ohio (1892)
Had a sanitarium at Hanging Rock, Ohio ..circa 1895

I. R. Jan. 18, 1866 – MARRIED – In Ironton, by Rev. B. F. Ashley, Mr. Clinton G.
Gray and Miss Ida L. R. Feurt.

I. R. Jan. 14, 1886 – Dr. Gray’s family packed up last Saturday to move to Gallia
Furnace, and are yet waiting wearily among their store boxes for the arrival of the N. G.

I.R. JAN. 20, 1887 – Dr. C. G. Gray intends to move back to Ironton this week.

I.R. Feb. 18, 1892 – APPOINTED. – Dr. C. G. Gray has been appointed Medical
Pension Examiner in place of Dr. J. F. White, deceased. Dr. Gray is a capable
physician, has had experience in the office and will make an acceptable and efficient examiner.

I.R. July 28, 1892 – Dr. C. G. Gray and S. G. Gilfillan have gone up the lakes as
the guests of Pierce McKinney, of a Cleveland ore firm. They will go over the lake on an ore freighter, and expect to be gone three weeks.

I.R. Aug. 11, 1892 – Dr. Gray and S. G. Gilfillan have returned from their trip up
the lakes, and now all business in town suspends, while they relate the joys of their trip. They speak in unbounded praise of the officers of the Bulgaria, who so kindly entertained them, and of the glories of that region, which are too magnificent to describe. They were on the lake eleven days, most of the time out of sight of land.


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I. R. Oct. 19, 1893 – Dr. Gray is having the Means homestead* above Hanging
Rock, which he purchased, put in fine order. He proposes to restore it to its former elegance as nearly as possible. Painters, bricklayers, plasterers, paper hangers, and carpenters are at work. The walls will receive over 400 bolts of paper. The doctor expects to be living there in a few weeks. It will be a thirteen minute drive to his store.

The deed showing the Means Homestead (Book 581, Page 148)

IWR JAN. 02, 1897 – Mrs. Elizabeth Gray, widow of John R. Gray and mother of
Dr. C. G. Gray, died Sunday at the home of her son, the doctor, and family with whom she resided at the Sanitarium near Hanging Rock. She was in the 87th year of her age. Interment at Kelly’s Mills, this county, where the deceased was laid to rest beside her husband and a daughter who had preceded her to the great beyond.

I. R. July 22, 1897 – The paving of the river front at Dr. Gray’s sanitarium is well
advanced. It is 200 feet long up and down the river immediately in front of his house by 140 feet up and down the bank. The slope is gentle enough to drive over, and there will be wing walls besides. Mr. Francisco is doing the stone paving at a cost of $800. In addition, large amounts of cinder are being hauled from Hamilton furnace and dumped over the bank. Dr. Gray is determined to save his fine river front.

I. R. Oct. 11, 1900 – While responding to a professional call at about 9 o’clock
Monday night, Dr. C. G. Gray suffered a very serious accident. He was driving on North Second street between the Eagle and Belfont mills, when he met a freight train, and in turning out from it he drove over a pile of iron upsetting his buggy. He was thrown violently out, striking on his hip on the firebrick street, severely bruising his leg and injuring his sciatic nerve. Two men who were riding on the train witnessed the accident and ran to his assistance. He was helped into his buggy and proceeded to his home at Gray Gables, where he will be confined for some days.

I. R. August 13, 1903 – GRAY GABLES – To Be Used Exclusively as a
Sanitarium. – Dr. C. G. Gray has closed a deal with John Rist for the latter’s property at Third and Quincy streets, comprising half a square, the consideration being $5000. It is Dr. Gray’s intentions to remodel the residence on the property and move his family there from Gray Gables, his home at Hanging Rock, and he expects to make the change some time this month. The change is with a view of carrying out plans that Dr. Gray has had in contemplation for some time. He will enlarge Gray Gables and use it exclusively as a sanitarium, putting in a housekeeper, matron, a complete corps of nurses and an ambulance.
The executive department of the sanitarium will be in charge of Dr. Gray’s son,
Dr. Dan F. Gray, who returned the first of the week after taking a year’s post-graduate course under the tutelage of the finest physicians and surgeons in England. He is eminently equipped for the work, and in association with his father, one of the old practitioners of the section, should make Gray Gables one of the leading sanitariums in the Middle West.

SWI Sept. 9, 1912 – GRAY GABLES, JULY FOURTH – Gray Gables is fast
becoming the popular summer resort of this section of the country. …. Present
occupants Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Winters and Mrs. Mary E. Williams and their families, who have so generously thrown their home and grounds open for the pleasure of their guests……

Current view of the Means Homestead/Gray Gables site. The silos there were used by the Marquette Cement Company to load cement onto barges.