Archibald Jenkins


Submitted by Michael L. Brown

Born:  c. 1786, probably in Virginia.
Married:  Nancy Jenkins
Died:  12 February 1860,  Lawrence Co., Ohio.
Buried:  Jenkins Cemetery, Kitts Hill, Ohio.
Children: Noah, Barbary, Sina, Sarah, Susannah, Letha, Norris, Nathan, Mary, Jonas, Rolen, Phebe and Nancy Ann.

Biography:  Archibald and Nancy Jenkins were the parents of Jonas, our ancestor.  They were early settlers of Perry Twp., Lawrence Co., Ohio.  They came from Virginia, where they were married on 20 July 1807 in Shenandoah Co.  Shortly afterwards, they moved to Greenville, Green Co., Tennessee and from there Archibald joined in on the War of 1812.  He enlisted on 13 November 1814 and was discharged on 18 May 1815, having served in the company of a Capt. Joseph Hale, of the Tennesse Militia.  This company was part of the Volunteer Militia Regiment of drafted soldiers commanded by Colonel Bayles.  Archibald is said to have taken part in the Battle of New Orleans, fought on 8 January 1815.  Archibald appears in Perry Twp., Lawrence Co. in an 1828 tax list.  He procured a land warrent of 80 acres for his service during the War of 1812 in 1852.  He died of dropsey at the age of 73 on 12 February 1860 in Perry Twp.  His wife Nancy, whose maiden name was also Jenkins, was born in Virginia c. 1788, in 1785 according to one source.  She stated that she and Archibald were second cousins!  She survived him, with record of her still being alive on 15 January 1873, and then died on 5 February 1875 in Perry Twp., Lawrence Co., Ohio.  Archibald and Nancy were parents to ten children.

1)  Noah, born 7 July 1808 in Virginia.  He married Elizabeth Sherman in Lawrence Co., Ohio on 6 February 1829.

2)  Barbary, born 10 January 1810.  She married to a Hatcher.

3)  Sina, born around 1812, being one of the first three children.  A new record states that she was born in 1806.  Sina died as an infant from “fever and croup”.

4)  Sarah, known as Sally, born 3 June 1813 in Tennessee.  She married Wesley Breeden.

5)  Susannah,  was born 19 December 1817 in Green Co., Tennessee and married Isaac Pancake on 28 April 1836.

6)  Letha, born 11 August 1820, twin of Norris.  She married Theodore Melvin on 15 February 1838.  Perhaps this Theodore is the son of our ancestor Jonathan Melvin!

7)  Norris, was born 11 August 1820, twin of Letha.  He married Harriett Collier on 8 July 1847.

8)  Nathan, born 27 July 1822.  He married Hannah Webb in Lawrence Co., Ohio on 16 February 1845.  She was the daughter of Elias and Jane (Gilliland) Webb, born  c. 1824.  Nathan died on 9 November 1892 and Hannah on 15 November 1908.  They had 13 children!
a. Nancy Jane, born 1845 and died 1935.
b. Elias, born 1846 and died 1926.
c. Archibald, born 1848 and died 28 July 1881.
d. William H., born 1850 and died 1922.
e. James, born1853 and died 1931.
f. George W., born 1855 and died 1888.
g. Samuel, born 15 September 1857 and died on 17 August 1936.  He married Mary Jane Willis (1855-1919) on 22 December 1874 and they had ten children, all born in Lawrence Co., Ohio.
h. Sarah J., born 1859.  Deathdate unknown.
i. Luda E., born 1860 and died 1924.
j. Harrison, born 1861 and died 1929.
k. Mary Evelyn, born 1864 and died 1925.
l. Issabelle, born 1865 and died 1900.

9)  Mary, also known as Polly, born on 15 October 1824.  She married to John Collier on 25 October 1840.  This may be the same John Collier was later married to Mary’s sister-in-law Asenith (Martin) Jenkins.

10)  Jonas, our ancestor.  See separate entry.

11)  Rolen (Ronald) H., born 3 March 1829.

12)  Phoebe Ann, born 9 August 1830.  She married John Kelly.

13)  Nancy Ann, born 1 December 1832.  She married James Sherman in April, 1849.