Adna R Johnson, Jr

Adna R. Johnson, Jr


Adna R. Johnson, Jr., son of Adna Romulus Johnson, Sr. and Dora (Ricketts)Johnson, was born at Ironton, Ohio, on May 4, 1892.After passing through the local grade school and first year of high school, he entered Culver Military Academy, at Culver, Ind. Three years of preparatory work at that well known military school enabled to matriculate at the University of Michigan. There he took the literary course that brought him the Bachelor of Arts degree, and he went on to the law course at the same university, gaining its Bachelor of Law degree in 1916, a creditable college record, in that he completed seven years in six.

After gaining his Bachelor of Law degree in 1916, Mr. Johnson returned to Ironton,Ohio, and became associated in practice with his father, who was a distinguished attorney at law who reached an eminent place at the bar. Mr. Adna Romulus Johnson, Sr. was born in Sweet Springs, Saline County, Missouri, on Dec. 4, 1860, has spent all his life in Ohio, and has a prominent place in the legal and political history of Ohio. The association of Adna Johnson, Jr. and Adna Romulus Johnson, Sr. continued until early in 1921, interrupted of course, as were the civil affairs of most young men, by military service during the World War period. Mr. Johnson enlisted in the United States Marine Corps on July 27, 1918, and was honorably discharged on December 18, 1918, five weeks after the signing of the Armistice ended hostilities.

During his fourteen years of practice, Mr. Johnson has appeared in many courts. On January 2, 1917, he was admitted to the bar of the Supreme Court of the State of Ohio; on March 16, 1922, on motion of Hon. Guy D. Goff, he was admitted to the bar of the Supreme Court of the United States; on December 13, 1922, to that of the Court of Appeals of the District of Columbia; on February 7, 1923, to that of the United States Court of Claims; on June 28, 1928, to the bar of the Supreme Court of New
York, First Judicial District; and on November 25, 1929, to the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia. Because of his New York practice, Mr. Johnson has been admitted to the membership of the Association of the Bar of New York City.

Mr. Adna R. Johnson was united in marriage to Louise Crawford in IrontonOhio on October 4, 1916 also of Ohio. To them one son was born in 1917, the third to bear the name Adna Romulus, but unfortunately he died in infancy in 1919.