Enumeration of Blacks in Lawrence Co. Ohio 1863 

Special Enumeration of Negroes, 1863,
Lawrence County, Ohio

Submitted by: Sharon M. Kouns

Auditor’s Office, Lawrence County
Ironton, Ohio March 24th, 1863

Mr. R. W. Taylor

Auditor of State —
Dear Sir
In my report of the 21st inst. relative to Colored persons who have emigrated from other States, you will see my reference that the returns from Union Township was rather indefinite, you will please discard my report from said township and receive instead the following which come to hand today.
(Note – all were in Union Twp., Lawrence County and emigrated from W.Va. except Thos. Hill.)
l. Samuel Haley
2. Sarah Haley
3. Sidney Haley
4. Hannah Haley
5. Sarah Haley
6. Louisa Haley
7. Feecilla Haley
8. Alexander Haley
9. George Wilson
10. Darkins Wilson
11. Solona Wilson
12. Laura Wilson
13. Sarah Wilson
14. Geo. Wilson
15. Theodore Wilson
16. Marciious Wilson
17. Sarah Martin
18. Plesant Spencer
19. Caroline Spencer
20. Frances Spencer
21. Geo. Spencer
22. Elizabeth Spencer
23. Ralph Wyette
24. Rhoda Wyette
25. Clark Wyette
26. Robert Wyette
27. Joseph Wyette
28. Lucinda Wyette
29. Augustus Wyette
30. Henry Grant
31. Thos. Hill – North Carolina
32. Fletcher Spencer – West Va.
I certify the above to be correct.
Seth Sutherland, Aud. Law. Co., O.

SOURCE: Special Enumeration of Negroes, 1863, Ohio Historical Society.

Athalia, Lawrence County, Ohio
March 19th, 1863

To the Auditor of Lawrence County
Dr. Sir:
In compliance with yours of the 9th inst. I submit to you the following report.
Names of colored persons residing in Rome Township who have emigrated from other states since the 1st of March 1861.
Benjamin Franklin – W. Va.
Malissa Franklin – W. Va.
Jenny Allen Franklin – W. Va.
Honor Hartsup Franklin – W. Va.
McKendry Starks – W. Va.
Addison Starks – W. Va.
Alexander Washington – W. Va.
Caroline Porter – W. Va.
Margaret Porter – W. Va.
John Myers – From State of Kentucky
Edward Richards – From State of Kentucky
yours Respt. L. K. Robinson, Assessor Rome Tp.

Service two days.

Mr. Seth Sutherland, Auditor L. C.

Dear Sir
As required by you I have endeavored to ascertain the no. of Colored persons residing in Perry Township who have emigrated there since March 1st 1861, and I hereby report to you that there are none, the only colored persons now residing in said Township, numbering in all 13 have resided there about 12 years and there is no other persons of African decent now residing in said township.

Yours truly March 20th 1863
Alfred Hastings Assessor


Burlington March 17th 1863
Auditor Lawrence County Ohio

Sir: – The following are the facts relative to the information asked for in your letter of the 9th inst.
Andrew Osburn – North Carolina
Daniel King – Va.
James Jackson – Ky. (about the 20th Feby. 1861)
Kelley Bell – Ky
Reuben Shaddock – Ky
Mary Shaddock – Ky
Reuben Shaddock Jr. – Ky
Georgh H. Shaddock – Ky
Jefferson Waggoner – Arkansas
It took me three and half days to go over my township.
Yours truly
J. F. (?) Langshore Assessor F. Tp.


Olive Furnace March 20, 1863
Mr. Seth Sutherland

Dr. Sir
I employed Mr. A. Burroughs to go through our township and found that there are no colored persons in the Township that come from other States since March 1st 1861. He claims pay for one day

Very resp. yours
W. N. McGugin


March 21st 1863
Mr. Sutherland

I did not get your letter till early Thursday morning and I went to work immeadetly (sic) to ascertain how many Colored person there was in Union township
1. Samuel Haley – Cab. Co. Va. (Cab = Cabell)
2. Sarah Haley – (same)
3. Sidney Haley – (same)
4. Hannah Haley – (same)
5. Sarah Haley – (same)
6. Louisa Haley – (same)
7. Lurana Haley – (same)
8. Precilla Haley – (same)
9. Alexandra Haley – (same)
10. George Wilson – (same)
11. Harkus Wilson – (same)
12. Selona Wilson – (same)
13. Lawra Wilson – (same)
14. Sawrar Willson – (same)
15. George Willson – (same)
16. Theadore Wilson – (same)
17. Marcilous Willson – (same)
18. Sarah Martin – (same)
19. Plesant Spencer – Wain Co. Va.
20. Caroline Spencer – (same)
21. Frances Spencer – (same)
22. George Spencer – (same)
23. Elizabeth Spencer – (same)
24. Ralph Wyett – Cab. Co. Va.
25. Rodah Wyett – (same)
26. Clark Wyett – (same)
27. Robert Wyett – (same)
28. Joseph Wyett – (same)
29. Lucinda Wyett – (same)
30. Augustas Wyett – (same)
31. Henry Grant – (same)
32. Thomas Hill – North Carolina
33. Fletcher Spencer – Cabell Co. Va.
You requested me to let you now how many days employed in serves I was three days
I wish you would let me now if there hast to be a stamp on deeds when the amount is less than one hundred dollars and if so what they will cost

Respt. yours
R. J. Eaton Assessor of Union Township
Law. Co. Ohio