Kelly Archaeological Site Artifacts

In early 2017, Nicole Cox, owner of this site and trustee at the Lawrence County Museum & Historical Society, received an email from a representative at Heidelberg College in northern Ohio. The college was dismantling it’s historic research department and disbursing their archaeological collections. They offered to re-home their collection of artifacts they’d gathered in the 1980’s as part of a site inspection for the Bellville Mining Company, at the site of Luke Kelly’s original homestead near the French Grant. Nicole and her husband gladly traveled to Columbus to gather the 26 boxes of material. After being photographed (seen here), the items are now housed in storage at the Lawrence Co. Museum. The most common item, other than soil samples, were teeth — ALL of them from animals. The relics gave researchers a picture of an 1800’s homestead and confirmed all of the local historical research done on the Kelly Family.