Circus in Ironton

If You Saw John Robinson’s Circus 50 Years Ago, Write The Circus Editor

Submitted by Martha J. Kounse

Ironton Tribune, Friday, July 26, 1929

Sixty-one years ago in 1868, D. L.Ogg  freight representatives of the Baltimore and Ohio railway, who resides on North Fifth Street, rode 13 miles in a farm jolt wagon to see John Robinson’s circus at Athens, Ohio.  On Thursday, August 1st, Mr. Ogg will see the circus here free as a member of “The Tribune John Robinson’s Circus 50 Year Club”, and if he likes, can ride comfortably to the show grounds in a modern automobile.

If you saw John Robinson’s circus 50 years ago, you too can be a guest.  All is necessary is that you fill out the coupon in this paper, showing where and in what year you saw the circus and write a letter telling the circus editor some interesting facts you recall in connection with the show.

Mrs. F. E. Held, 330 Vine St, writes the circus editor that she saw the circus at Bartlett, Ohio near Marietta in 1877 and that it was he first circus.

Mrs. W. W. Deering, 2803 South Fourth St, saw the circus on what is now the site of the Foster Stove Company in 1873, attending with her husband and three children.

A. W. Burdette 3623 S. 3rd St, first saw the circus in 1873 on the Foster Stove Company site and later, in 1876, saw it with Mrs. Burdette when it showed near the old Fair grounds.

Mrs. Alice Keffer, Hanging Rock, saw the circus near what is now Beechwood Park in 1879 and recalls the show had an elephant that stirred lemonade with its trunk.

David H. Shank, 3125 S. 3rd St, writes the circus editor that he saw John Robinson’s circus at Middleport, Ohio in 1878 in the days when it traveled by boat.

Mr. W. H. Corn, 3309 S 3rd St, writes that he saw the circus at Marion, Aid Township about 1874.

F. A. Hunter, 619 N. 5th St, saw the circus at Huntington in 1873 and remembers the horseback rider, Robert Stickney.

John Kuehne, Sedgwick, saw the circus in 1850? 1860? on a site near 7th & Mulberry street.

Vina Tolliver 409 Quincy St, saw the circus in 1866 on what is now the Fearon Lumber Company site.  She says it was the first circus she ever saw and has not missed it since.  She recalls that the Robinson children at that time traveled with the show.

Ironton Tribune, Wednesday, July 31, 1929

Ninety-One Will See Robinson’s Circus as Guests Thursday

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