Ghost in Millersport, Ohio

Ghost in Millersport, Ohio

Ironton Register, June 15, 1905

It is putting it mildly to say that the town of Millersport, Ohio was shocked one day last week by the appearance of a ghost in that little village, says the Huntington Advertiser.

The spirit first made itself known by the making of a slight noise like someone waking over a hard floor, and attracted the attention of Thos. Baker, who was cutting weeds for his hogs in an adjoining lot.

The appearance of the supernatural phenomenon was in the old McCown property, which stand on a slight rise next to the hill in the upper end of the town, in a less inhabited district.

Baker was in a lot adjoining the property, which has not been inhabited for some time, when he heard a slight noise, as if some one was walking in the old house. This was of such an uncanny nature that it alarmed him and gathering up his weeds, he left the place and went down into the town, where he told his story, much to the dismay of the neighbors.

Finally, when their curiosity got the better of a half hundred boys and girls, they decided to make a raid on the spot and ascertain the cause of the mysterious noises. So they put out at once with the strong hearted ones in the lead and those not so curious bringing up the rear and altogether presenting a rather formidable appearance to Mr. Ghost, had he come out to do them battle, as no doubt some of the younger once believed he would do.

It was with cautious step that some of the larger ones proceeded to steal up to the window. Scarcely could they believe their eyes when there appeared before them a figure clad in white and standing in the center of the floor with folded arms.

With ghastly faces they looked on in dismay for several moments without being able to speak, but finally, regaining their senses, they turned away their blanched faces and beckoned their less curious mates to come and gaze on the scene.

Several of the younger ones and some of the girls advanced to the open window to gaze spellbound upon the frightful object with abject terror. One of the little girls fainted several times before they could get her back home and finally the whole party fled in terror from the weird place.

The strange appearance is causing considerable excitement and comments in that peaceful little hamlet, where the quiet atmosphere is seldom stirred with anything out of the ordinary routine of the daily life in a small town.

The spot on which the strange presentiment made its appearance was the old McCown property in the east end of town. No one has lived there in the house during the last three months. Previous to that time, Mrs. James Null resided there and after her death, which was about three months ago, no one has moved into it.

Shortly before Mrs. Null’s death, her son who was a soldier in the regular army, obtained a release and started home on a furlough, but was suffocated by the escape of gas in an Indiana hotel, and was shipped there for burial. Mr. Null has been dead about four years and the death of Mrs. Null broke up the family, and as a purely a matter of circumstances, no one has happened to move in the house since.

Theresa’s Note: I’m still researching the facts on this case in an effort to find out exactly where the house was located, and more importantly, if its still standing. I do know that the Mrs. Null spoken of is Cyntha Arthur Null, and that her soldier son is Wilbur. Wilbur’s obituary can be found HERE.