Murdock & Co.


IR Dec. 8, 1859 – Union Hall. – Ironton can now boast of one of the prettiest and neat Public Halls in the country. Union Hall, so long in an unfinished condition, was sold last Summer, to a new company, which went to work to complete it, and it is now nearly ready for opening – will be ready in course of a week or two. The company now owning it, is styled D. S. Murdock & Co.” and consists of D. S. & T. I. Murdock, James Rodgers, Samuel W. Dempsey, John Ellison and John Campbell.

IR Mar. 2, 1871 – Opened. – D. S. Murdock has opened a Wholesale Flour and Provision store, in one of the large and commodious rooms under Union Hall. ….