Lawrence Mill

The Lawrence Rolling Mill

Ironton Register, February 16, 1854, Number 30, Page 2

The Lawrence Mill, a proud monument of Ironton Industry, rolled its first iron on last Monday, much to the satisfaction of all concerned. The establishment is very complete – two engines, and two mills. It was erected under the general superintendence of Mr. E. Child – and is throughout the product of Home Manufactures, with the single exception of the boilers. The machinery was made by J.M. Merrill & Co. at their works, the Olive Foundry and Machine Shop, under the direction of Mr. Henry Davis, their foreman, who is perhaps as complete and accomplished a mechanic as the county affords. The perfection of the machinery is such that it runs almost noiselessly, so much that there is no jar, and a person a half dozen yards distant from the building could not tell from any sound that the mill was in operation.

This Mill goes in operation under most favorable auspices – everything connected being about as it should be, fine location, almost perfect machinery, and a business firm that will at once command the highest respect and confidence – James Rodgers & Co.

The Lawrence Rolling Mill was built in 1854 and was located where the Ironton Little League fields are now. In 1887 the Mill suffered a boiler explosion, killing several workers. You can read about it HERE.