Ironton Pottery


James Small informs us that the Ironton Pottery has not changed hands, and will continue as of old. He says the pottery occupies the lot next to the corner of Lawrence and Seventh, and the old flour mill building. The corner lot belongs to J. H. Young, and a new pottery may be started there.

Ironton Register, Feb. 24, 1887
The Ironton Pottery has started up under the control of Messrs. Manring, Silliman and others. They intend to put in steam power and largely increase the capacity of the works. They will make Rockingham and yellow ware, tile, vases, chimney tops &c.; They have leased the Harris residence, next to the pottery and will change it into an office and ware room.

Ironton Register, Apr. 18, 1889
The Ironton Pottery is, in a quiet way, turning out a large amount of stoneware of better grade and pattern than ever before. Mr. Silliman has some experienced potters employed.

Ironton Register, Feb. 10, 1887