Establishment of Ironton Register Newspaper

The Ironton Tribune started publication on August 1, 1928, when the Irontonian and the Ironton Register were merged into one publication. The Register was founded in 1850 and the Irontonian in 1874. The Tribune moved from Railroad Street in downtown Ironton to its current location at 2903 S. Fifth Street in 1974.

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Rodney M. Stimson – founder and editor of the
Ironton Register. Mr. Stimson was a man
born to the purpose of editing a newspaper,
and he had the information and the style to
hold a most exalted position upon a metropolitan
paper or periodical. He threw his personality into the paper, and made it shine with
the good things from his bright mind. The
first thinig he did was to change the name of
the paper to the Marietta Register, which
name it holds today.

Rodney Metcalf Stimson was born October 26, 1822, the
son of Phineas Stimson and Rhoda Metcalf —
both children of soldiers of the Revolution.
Mr. Stimson attended school in the East, in-
cluding Phillips Exeter Accademy. In 1845 he
came to Marietta College, being graduated in
1847. His first work was teaching country
schools, after which he read law and was admitted to
the bar of Marietta in 1849; later he went to Ironton, where in August 1850, he
started the Ironton Register, which paper he
conducted for 12 years.

Mr. Stimson was married July 1851 to Juliette B. Hurd,
of Ironton, who died January 19, 1861. The son, Milford,
that was born
to them, died in Cincinnati in 1890. October
28, 1862, our subject was married to Julia I.
Sheppard, of Marietta. One daughter, Elizabeth Gillet Corwin,
was born to the union. Mr. and Mrs, Stimson, Mr. and Mrs. Corwin
and two children — Julia Stimson and Rodney
Stiniison — form at present the interesting
household of Mr. Stimson.