Eicher Grocery

Grocer Too Smart and Alleged ‘Change’ Trick

Fails’ Two Men Are Taken to Jail

Submitted by Peggy A. Wells

Two men, traveling with two women in a Ford sedan that bears Indiana license plates, attempted a “big city” trick on a small town grocer late Thursday and learned to their sorrow that he was a bit smarter than they.

B. C. Bliss and Raymond Parker are being held at the city prison, following their arrest Thursday evening by Officers Woodruff, Steed and Urick. The two men are to be tried before Mayor Arthur Dickens at Hanging Rock this evening on a charge of attempted fraud and theft.

According to Wes Eicher, grocer at Hanging Rock, the men entered his store and purchased 10 cents worth of cheese and 5 cents worth of crackers. A $10 bill was tendered in payment and change was placed upon the counter.

“I thought that was a one I gave you’ spoke up the stranger and his companion immediately started a conversation regarding the weather, cigars and what not.

“No it was a ten” said Eicher, whereupon the man pulled a crumpled $1 bill from his pocket with the remark “no, here’s the one.”

He picked up the $5 from his change, added a $1 bill to the four given by Eicher and asked the grocer to give him a $5 bill for the five ones. Eicher took a $5 note from his register and placed it on the counter, whereupon the man picked up the singles and started counting them out.

“Just give me a ten for all these bills” was his request as his companion continues his steady line of conversation, presumable in an effort to divert Eicher’s attention from the bill exchange.

“No, that five is mine already” said Eicher as he picked up the bill and ordered the men from the store. They argued back and it finally ended with the grocer striking the smaller of his visitors, over the head with a revolver.

The men left the store, Eicher informed Ironton police of the transaction and the suspects were arrested in the South Side.

Ironton Tribune, 19 August 1932, Friday, Page 7.