Dayton Malleable Iron Company

Ironton Sunday News, October 9, 1949

The Dayton Malleable Iron Company Plant located on south Third street is the largest industrial plant in the city of Ironton according to number of employees and annual payroll. The 700 workers are paid $3,000,000 annually.

Ironton residents first started the plant under the name of Ironton Malleable Iron Company but in 1916 it was acquired by the present owners.

The plant covers an area of 12 acres and produces malleable iron castings, mainly for the automobile industry. The casting produced at the local plant weigh from half a pound to 350 pounds and an annual production of 70,000 tons of castings is made. The Ironton plant is one of 100 similar plants in the United States.

Anthony Haswell, the president of the company today, is a son of John Haswell, first company president. Lawrence J. Gallagher is the present general manager.

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Note: Today (2003) Dayton Malleable was known as Ironton Iron Inc.  It is now closed and the old factory is torn down.

The above photo is the original Ironton Iron Company, owned by Henry Marting, who bought the property as part of the Etna Iron Works. This plant is not related in any way to the Dayton Malleable Co. or the more current Ironton Iron Co.

* Notice the bridge in the background of the photo – Marting proposed a bridge to connect Ironton to Ashland, KY but this bridge was never built despite being depicted in the sketches. The Ben Williamson bridge that still stands and connects Ashland, KY to US 52 in Ohio was built in 1932. The original Ironton-Russell bridge was built in 1922 to connect Ironton to Russell, KY and was shut down in 2016 upon completion of the new Oakley C. Collins memorial bridge. 

Supposedly the pier for the bridge that was never completed is still visible in the river but I’ve never looked for it….. – Nicole