1st National Bank

First National Bank

Taken from “The Headlight” no date given.

Submitted by: Robert Kingrey

   The First National Bank of Ironton presents a clean, honorable record of successful business that dates its inception back almost a half-century. The first bank in Ironton was the Iron Bank established in 1851 and the First National Bank is its direct successor. A history of the First National Bank, covering the career of the Iron Bank, is closely connected with the history of Ironton from the beginning. Through its safes and vaults have passed the money that built most of the iron industries and established many of the homes. The institution has always been conducted in such manner as to have never have caused a wavering of the public confidence for a moment.

Halsey C. Burr, the president of the bank, has made the business a life study and is one of the most able financiers in the city. He began his banking experience in 1859 with the Iron Bank and with the exception of two years spent serving his country in the late war, Mr. Burr has been continuously in the banking business. Mr. E.W. Bixby, the cashier, has been identified with this bank for the past twenty-two years. He also has devoted his entire effort and energy to this one line of business and is a man of broad ability.