Cable in Town Clock Breaks Weight Fall

Cable in Town Clock Breaks Weight Fall

January 2, 1917 IR

Submitted by Holly Markins

Only a few minutes after Oscar Cascere, employed by Earnie Sallsbury to wind the town clock in the tower of the Congregational church at the corner of Sixth and Vernon street, had finished his work Saturday morning and while he was walking down the long flight of stairway, a steel cable supporting 10 100 lb weights gave way and crashed thru the building to the first floor.

Mr. Cascere missed being under the weights only by minutes and his escape was a narrow one. The cable supporting the weight had been in place for 25 years it having been placed in position by the late E. Bixby who advised that a new cable be bought after inspecting the old one. This was done and until Saturday it had not been changed. It broke at 10:30.

This morning Mr. Salisbury stated that the cable had not rusted and that to all appearances it appeared to be in first class condition. He said that the strain of the 1000 lb weights for such a long period of years had broken the strength of the cable and caused it to part.

In crashing through the building the weights made clean cut holes as though they had been sawed through according to those who viewed them.