Attempted Murder on William Wolfe


Submitted by Pam Hutchinson

Mon. April 1, 1929

Four Shots Were Fired at Well Known Contractor, Following an Argument With Charles Sisler in Front of Clifford Hotel.

William Wolfe, well known contractor, who resides at the Clifford Hotel on Fourth and Lawrence streets is a patient at the Marting Hospital, suffering with a bullet wound in his left arm, and Charles Sisler of Third and Buckhorn street is a prisoner at the city jail charged with shooting with intent to kill, as the result of a shooting scrape which occurred shortly before ten o’clock last night in front of the hotel.

Sisler fired four times at Wolfe, one of the bullets from his .38 automatic entering the latter’s left forearm and emerging in the upper arm near the shoulder. Wolfe lost a considerable quantity of blood, but it is not thought the wound will prove serious.

At the hospital, Wolfe stated that he had been sitting on the bench in front of the hotel, talking with a Mr. McKee, and a woman from the hotel came up to him, and told him that he had better look out for Sisler, as the latter was hunting for him.

Wolfe, finished talking to McKee and left the bench on which he was sitting, and started to enter the hotel, when Sisler approached from the opposite corner.

Sisler, it is said, looked as though he had been drinking, and he accosted Wolfe. They had some words, in which Sisler accused him of telling things about him (Sisler).

Wolfe said that he told Sisler to go away, that he did not wish to have any trouble with him.
The latter pulled the gun from his pocket, and Wolfe seeing the other’s action, in an effort to protect himself, knocked Sisler down. As Sisler went down, he fired four times. One of the bullets entered Wolfe’s arm, and the other three missed their mark. He might have been seriously or even fatally wounded had all the shots fired taken effect.

After shooting Wolfe, Sisler went to his home. Chief Callihan and Officer McKee went to the home and arrested Sisler. When they searched him at police headquarters, Sisler did not have the gun on his person. Officers make a second trip to the home and found the gun.
Sisler will be arraigned this morning on the charges of shooting with intent to kill.
The shooting attracted a large crowd to the scene, just a minute or two after it had happened.
Bystanders removed Wolfe to the hospital in a car, and Dr. Marting, and Dr. Anna Marting dressed the wound. The wounded man may be a patient for several days.