Death of Capt. Combs

I. R. August 23, 1894 – Death of Capt. Combs. Capt. John Combs died last Saturday and his funeral took place from the residence of Maj. Jere Davidson, Tuesday morning at 10 o’clock. Rev. E. E. Moran conducted the funeral services, and the interment was at Woodland. The funeral was attended by a large number of old friends and neighbors. Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Mauck, the latter his daughter Ella, were present His other daughter, Mrs. Patterson, who lives at Columbus was too ill to be present, from whose bedside Mrs. Combs came to attend the last sad offices.

The deceased was born at Burlington in 1832; he married Miss Lizzie Crawford in 1853; about which time he came to Ironton and started a bookstore. Afterwards he went into the wharf boat business but in about 1858 went to Pike’s Peak. He returned at the beginning of the war and entered the Union army, holding the position of Lieutenant in the 2nd Va. Infantry. He served through the war with credit and fidelity. In 1867, he established the Ironton Journal, and for a few years conducted an interesting newspaper. Capt. Combs was a quick and lively writer and he won considerable note as an editor. Disposing of his interest in the Journal, he established the Iron Era, bud did not long remain with it. After this he had no regular employment, engaging himself in insurance and other agencies, clerkships and steamboating. For many years his health has been declining, and he died at last of consumption, and affliction which in former days no one ever suspected would bring him to his grave.

And so another of our old citizens has gone to his long home. Forty years ago he came with a happy bride and made their home in the old Bank block. Ironton has grown from a village; a generation has come and gone; a great war has intervened. Through the drapery that is pushed back from the grave, we can see him who has died, mingling happily and kindly in those far away events, and a tender regret comes that they are no more. Farewell.