Mortality Schedule – 1860 

LAWRENCE COUNTY OHIO - Mortality Schedule, 1860
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Lawrence County Mortality Schedule, 1860

NAME                            AGE      POB        MONTH_IN_WHICH    CAUSE OF DEATH                              
ABLE          Alvin D.          2        OH         Sep               Whooping cough & Flux                       
ABLE          Joseph            16 da    OH         Nov               ill from birth                              
ABLE          Magdalene         16 da    OH         Nov               Sudden                                      
ABLE          Nancy             16 da    OH         Nov               ill from birth                              
ADAMS         Sarah E.          12-Sep   OH         Aug               Inflammation Brain                          
ALFORD        William H.        6        OH         Dec               Croup                                       
ALLEN         George W.         1        OH         Aug               Flux                                        
AUCKERMANN    Sarah             13       OH         Feb               Fits                                        
BACCUS        Catherine         44       PA         Dec               Consumption                                 
BAKER         Isaac S.          12-Sep   OH         Apr               Pneumonia                                   
BALLARD       Cisal J.          1        OH         Dec               Inflammation Brain                          
BECK          William           15       OH         May               Consumption                                 
BILLIPS       Ellen             4        VA         Jun               Inflammation bowels                         
BRAMMER       William D.        12-Mar   OH         Jul               Inflammation of bowels                      
BRANHAM       Sarah J.          18       KY         Jul               Consumption                                 
BRUBAKER      David             66       VA         Jul               Cholera Morbus                              
BRUCE         John              83       VA         May               Old age infirmaty                           
BUTLER        Thomas W.         1        OH         Oct               Croup                                       
CA--ON        Isaac D.          12-Nov   OH         Jan               Lung fever                                  
CAPPER        Louiza            12-Nov   OH         Apr               Inflammation bowels                         
CAROLL        William           19       OH         Jan               Consumption                                 
CARR          Catherine         1        OH         Oct               Accidental Burning                          
CARR          Michal            12-Jan   OH         Jul               Summer Complaint                            
CARTWRIGHT    Andrew            2        OH         Feb               Putrid Sore Throat                          
CHAMBERLAND   Martha            46       MD         Dec               Consumption                                 
CHURCH        John              12-Apr   OH         Oct               Inflammation Brain                          
CLARK         John W.           12-Oct   OH         Oct               Whooping cough                              
CO--          John E.           12-Sep   OH         Jan               Pneumonia                                   
COOK          John              75       VA         Jul               diabetes                                    
COYIN?        Michael           12-Jan   OH         Jan               Croup                                       
CRABTREE      James             2        OH         Feb               Lung Disease                                
CRABTREE      Seth              4        OH         Dec               Croup                                       
CRAFT         Catherine         1        OH         Aug               Drowned in cistern                          
DAVALL*       Hanniball         80       VA         Jul               Old Age                                     
DAVIDSON      Jon               46       OH         Dec               Consumption                                 
DEMPSY        Andrew            23       OH         Nov               Inflammation Brain                          
DICKENSON     Elizabeth         2        PA         Sep               Scarlet Fever                               
DILLON        Rev--dy C.        12       OH         Mar               Pneumonia                                   
DONAHOO       Jona? C.          1        VA         Oct               Croup                                       
DOUBT         Mary A.           6        OH         Feb               Brain Affection                             
EASTON        James W.          1        OH         May               Fits                                        
EBLEY         Peter             1        OH         Aug               Flux                                        
EBLEY         William           12-Jan   OH         Jun               Unknown                                     
EVANS         Mary              3        OH         Sep               Erisdypelas                                 
EVANS         Stephen           12       Wales      Aug               Summer Complaint?                           
EVANS*        Margaret          22       VA         Aug               Childbirth                                  
FARLEY?       Mary              4        OH         Mar               Pneumonia                                   
FAVERTRY      Ruth              3        OH         Jan               Cold on the lungs                           
FINLEY*       Jane              19       VA         Feb               Consumption                                 
FORGEY        Elizabeth         70       VA         Apr               Consumption                                 
FRASIER       Laura             32       IND        Jul               Inflammation lungs                          
FRENCH        Mercy             12-Oct   OH         Jul               Summer Complaint                            
FULLER        James M.          12-Jun   OH         Mar               Inflammation bowels                         
FULLER        Sussannah         1        OH         Apr               Consumption                                 
GALL          William           10       England    Jul               Accidental Drowning                         
GASSINGER     Gerrin            25       PA         Sep               Consumption                                 
GATES         Stephen           12-Aug   OH         Jan               Lung Disease                                
GERRET        Matthias          69       VA         Apr               Cancer                                      
GOFF*         Catherine         90       VA         Jan               Old Age                                     
GOLDEN        Mary Ann          12-Sep   OH         Sep               Spinal Fever                                
GRAYHAM*      Malinda           15       VA         May               Consumption                                 
GRAYHAM*      Susan             50       VA         Oct               Consumption                                 
GRAYHAM*      Thomas            22       VA         Apr               Consumption                                 
GRUBB         May               48       Ireland    Feb               Consumption                                 
HAPWOOD       Miram             55       VA         May               Consumption                                 
HASKINS       James             52       PA         Mar               Typhiod Fever                               
HATTEN*       Clarinda          22       VA         Mar               Burn                                        
HEDRON        Caroline          1        OH         Jun               Inflammation Bowels                         
HIGGINS       Artisia E.        6        OH         Nov               Typhiod Fever                               
HONLEY*       Robert            41       VA         Jan               Consumption                                 
HONUY         Peter             6        OH         Jul               Dropsy                                      
HUEY          Emily S.          1        OH         Aug               Putrid Sore Throat                          
HUMPHRIES     Moris             76       VA         Dec               Old Age                                     
JENKINS       Archibald         73       VA         Feb               Dropsy                                      
JENKINS       John              3        OH         Mar               Dyspep & Dropsy                             
JENKINS       Lewis             32       Wales      May               Robbed/Murdered                             
JOHNSON       Sarah             15       VA         Jul               Dropsy                                      
JONES         Elizabeth         32       OH         Mar               Consumption                                 
JONES         Jonathan          7        OH         Sep               Putrid Sore Throat                          
JUSTICE*      Ambrose           12-Feb   OH         Jan               Pneumonia                                   
JUSTICE*      Salley            22       VA         Jan               Consumption                                 
KELLEY        Harriet           18       OH         Apr               Acute inflammation Bowels                   
KELLEY        Whitefield        52       OH         Jan               Typhoid Fever                               
KEMP          Infant of T.C.    12-Jan   OH         Dec               Croup                                       
KEMP          Sarah K.          32       OH         Apr               Chronic                                     
KILGOSS*      Infant of John    12-Jan   OH         Jan               Unknown                                     
KIMBLE        Elizabeth         36       OH         Mar               Insanity/suicide by hanging                 
KING          Joshua F.         19       OH         Mar               Inflammation Brain                          
KINGRY        Phebe R.          2        OH         Sep               croup                                       
KISER         Ada Jane          24       OH         Apr               Consumption                                 
KISER         Margaret A.       2        OH         Apr               Lung Fever                                  
KITE          George W.         12-Apr   KY         Dec               Diseased from birth                         
KLINE         John              19       OH         May               Consumption                                 
KOUNS         William           46       PA         Jun               Consumption                                 
KUHN          John              1        OH         Jul               Flux                                        
LAWRENCE      David             3        OH         Apr               Croup                                       
LINGLY        John              12-May   OH         Jun               Croup                                       
LITTLE        Lilly             12-Jan   KY         Dec               Unknown                                     
MACE          Catherine L.      3        Missouri   Oct               Dropsy                                      
MANN          Alexander         31       OH         Jan               Accidental                                  
MANN          Rachael           7        OH         Jan               Unknown                                     
MARKINS       Hannah            28       OH         May               In Confinment                               
MARTIN        Elizabeth         12-Jul   OH         Jan               Feeble from birth                           
MASSIE        Harriet           38       OH         Sep               Consumption                                 
MILLER        Bruce             4        OH         Jul               Flux                                        
MILLER        Martha            17       OH         Jul               Dropsy                                      
MILLER        Mary              19       OH         Dec               Consumption                                 
MILLER        Sophrona J.       1        OH         May               Consumption                                 
MILLER        William           5        OH         Jun               Fever                                       
MORAN         George W.         18       OH         Oct               Putrid sore throat                          
MOREDEI       Eliza E.          2        OH         Aug               Acute Bronchitis                            
MORELY        John W.           19       KY         Apr               Typhiod Fever                               
MURPHY        William A.        12-Jan   KY         Dec               Unknown                                     
McCOMMIS      Horace C.         12-Sep   OH         Apr               Croup                                       
McGUGIN       Ann Eliza         13       OH         Sep               Putrid Sore Throat                          
McGUGIN       Edward            2        OH         Sep               Putrid Sore Throat                          
McGUGIN       Elizabeth Y.      10       OH         Sep               Putrid Sore Throat                          
NAMED         Not               5 day    OH         Jan               Spasm                                       
NAMED         Not               infant   OH         Jan               Unknown                                     
NAMED         Not               1 day    OH         Sep               Unknown                                     
NANCE         George W.         12       OH         Mar               Accidental by fall from tree                
NANCE         Phebe A.          1        OH         Jul               Cholera Infantum                            
NEAL          Jonathan          31       OH         Apr               Consumption                                 
NEALY         Rhoda             12-Jan   OH         Apr               Fits                                        
PARKINSON     Sarah A.          20       OH         Nov               Consumption                                 
PARSONS       Charles           61       VA         Dec               Pneumonia                                   
PATTON        Joseph            62       PA         Jul               Lung Fever                                  
PERRY         William W.G.      30       VA         Jan               Heart Disease                               
POLLEY        Clepane           1        OH         Aug               Bowel ComplaIntemperate                     
PRICHARD      Mary              22       OH         Jan               Childbed fever                              
PRICHARD      William           12-Jan   OH         Jan               Irrisiples                                  
RADFORD       Philinda          50       NY         May               Consumption                                 
RAIRDEN       Mary              18       OH         Oct               Putrid Sore Throat                          
RAMSEY        Robert            50       OH         Jul               Consumption                                 
REED          Eliza J.          41       OH         Jul               Consumption                                 
RICE          Mary Ellen        1        OH         Oct               Cutting Teeth                               
RICKETS       Mary              2        OH         Nov               Pneumonia                                   
ROBINSON      Lydia             12-Nov   OH         Sep               Croup                                       
ROSS          Lina              12-Jan   OH         Oct               Unknown                                     
RUST          Elijah            50       VA         May               Drowned                                     
SANFORD       Andrew J.         13       OH         Sep               Typhiod Fever                               
SCOTT         Benjamin T.       1        OH         Aug               Putrid Sore Throat                          
SCOVILL       Louisa            1        OH         Sep               Inflammation Brain                          
SHAFER        Martha            19       OH         Feb               Consumption                                 
SHUTE         Nancy E.          3        OH         Apr               Scarlet Fever                               
SIMONTON      William           26       OH         Feb               Diabetes                                    
SMITH         Elizabeth J.      2        OH         Jan               Scarlet Fever                               
SMOOT         James M.          12-Jan   OH         Apr               Unknown                                     
SOWARDS       Nancy             42       OH         Feb               Parturition                                 
STEED         Elizabeth         25       OH         Feb               Consumption                                 
STEPHENSON    James W.          11       OH         May               Accidental Drowning                         
STRAIT        Lucy B.           24       OH         Apr               Consumption                                 
STRATTEN      Albert            4        VA         Mar               Croup                                       
SWAIN         Laura             12-Jan   OH         Apr               Inflammation stomach                        
THACKER       John H.           48       VA         Jul               Abcess in chest                             
THOMAS        Frank             1        OH         May               Consumption                                 
THOMAS        Sarah Ann         2        ?          Jul               Brain Fever                                 
TRUMBO        Sarah             12-Mar   OH         Jan               Pneumonia                                   
UNNAMED*      Infant            12-Jan   OH         Jan               Lung fever                                  
UPP           George W.         9        OH         Mar               Typhiod Fever                               
VANDERKACT    Margaret          47       Holland    Dec               Consumption                                 
VAUGHN        John              35       Wales      Apr               Consumption                                 
WALTERS       Elias             45       VA         Mar               Consumption & Dropsy                        
WANGLER       William J.        9        OH         Jul               Cholera Infantum                            
WARD          Charles           70       OH         May               Dropsy of chest                             
WARD          John              10       OH         Aug               Shot accidentally                           
WARD          Mary              12-Sep   OH         Oct               Erisdypelas                                 
WEAVER        Lewis J.          7        OH         Feb               Unknown                                     
WEBB          Eliza A.          22       OH         Feb               Consumption                                 
WEBB          Ezekel            12-Jan   OH         Feb               Inflammation bowels                         
WILES         Jarvis            36       England    Jan               Paralysis                                   
WILLIS        Nancy             50       KY         May               Cancer                                      
WILSON        Sarah             29       IL         Jul               Consumption                                 
WILSON        Mary W.           41       OH         May               Billious Fever                              
WISEMAN       John L.           1        OH         Apr               Croup                                       
WITCHER*      Luttitia          110      Guinea     Mar               Old age                                     
WOODY         Charles           8        KY         Jan               Bronchitis                                  
WOOLOM        George            20       PA         Feb               Consumption                                 
YIDY          Hannah            12-Sep   OH         Jun               Croup                                       
YUNCY         John              5        OH         Dec               Bleeding at nose